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Mr. Hahn Solo

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"Mr. Hahn Solo" was a live show interlude performed by Linkin Park during the Hybrid Theory European Tour 2001 and the Projekt Revolution Tour in 2002.


"Mr. Hahn Solo", known popularly as "Blow Your Mind Interlude", saw its first official release on the Projekt Revolution 2002 DVD in 2020 as part of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Hybrid Theory. The song was only performed during two Linkin Park tours: European Tour 2001 and Projekt Revolution 2002; usually preceding "By Myself". According to the DVD credits, the instrumental is an original track written by Joe Hahn in 2000. The vocals, however, are sampled from "High Power Rap" by the hip-hop group Crash Crew (released under the name Disco Dave And The Force Of 5 MC's). Because of this, the track is also credited to Barry Bailey, George Belton, Charles Fleming, Larry Miller and Reginald Payne. On printed setlists, the interlude was listed as "Joe Hahn Scratch".


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Mr. Hahn Solo Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition) 1:02 February 23, 2002

February 24, 2002

October 9, 2020


Live Version

We don't wanna be left behind
All we wanna do is just blow your mind