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Karma was a short-lived alternative rock from Calabasas, California that included Dave Garrett and Rob Bourdon. They were active around 1994 or 1995.


When Rob Bourdon was in 10th grade his parents made him join the Calabasas High School Jazz Band.[1] He was in the band only for a couple of months because he didn't like it and only played one show. In the audience, two musicians who were contemplating forming a new band called Karma saw Rob performing and recruited him to audition. According to Rob on the second issue of the LPU 1 newsletter, he didn't get the job,[2] but bass player Dave Garrett recalls it differently. "I don't remember ever rejecting Rob. The guy was one of the best drummers. The only concern I think we had at first was he was a drummer for the high school jazz band and just if he'd fit in from a style standpoint. But dude, the guy's an amazing drummer. I mean, he was probably one of the best musicians out of the whole group, you know?"[3]

Members of Karma played with a guitarist named Eliot for a while, but the group ultimately consisted of Dave Garrett (bass), Rob Bourdon (drums), Steve Hever (guitar) and Josh Dulay (vocals). They were described by Dave as an alternative rock jam band. "Someone would put down a, you know, whether it's a bass line or drumline or something. Something that we kind of felt and just start playing and start building onto it. So we didn't have this super formal way to write music back then, it was just kind of jamming," he explained.[3]

Karma was only active for about six months and recorded a few demos to cassette which remain unreleased. They never performed live.

Band Members

  • Dave Garrett - bass
  • Rob Bourdon - drums
  • Steve Hever - guitar
  • Josh Dulay - vocals