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Grey Daze Live - 1994.03.03 - Phoenix, AZ, United States

From Linkinpedia
March 3, 1994
Concert by Grey Daze
Country:United States
City:Phoenix, AZ
Event:Lemon Krayola's EP Release Party
Venue:Mason Jar
Running order:Lemon Krayola, *, Glass Bottom, Huckele Bones
Grey Daze live chronology
Jan 22, 1994 Mar 3, 1994 Apr 9, 1994


The setlist is completely unknown.

Other Notes:

  • According to the band's bassist at the time Jonathan Krause, the band went with the spelling "Gray Daze" during the band's earliest days before finally changing it to "Grey" a few months later.
  • The show was advertised as the Lemon Krayola's EP Release Party.
  • Jonathan Krause supposedly talking about this show: "After he [steve Mitchell] left, we had a show booked at the Mason Jar and my old guitarist from a past band I played with filled in for that show. His name was David Engelhardt. David thought we sucked. Eventually we tried out many other guitarists and found Jason Barnes, who is basically a 16 year old prodigy at that time". David and Jonathan both were the members of 22 Fires.