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Hybrid Theory 2-Track Demo

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Hybrid Theory
Demo by Hybrid Theory
Linkin Park demos chronology
Hybrid Theory EP Hybrid Theory 2-Track Demo Demos (Hybrid Theory 9-Track Demo CD)


After Hybrid Theory recorded their self-titled EP, they kept working on new songs and on expanding their fan base. This CD, dating from 1999, was distributed during some of the band's early shows and features a "For promotional use only. Not for sale." text, meaning it was never available commercially. Its front cover is a sticker with the band's name and logo. It was manufactured by ODM, California.

Although the exact release date of this demo is unknown, Hybrid Theory's website is printed on the CD and it is known that the domain was registered on August 3, 1999.[1]

It is also important to note that there is no record label credited on the CD, although the back cover contains contact information of Associated Production Music (APM Music),[2] a music production company specialized in soundtracks for TV, films and video games. The company also provides various other services comprising licensing, reporting, cue sheets, publishing information, and website support services,[3] so it's possible they acted as the band's publishing company at the time.

Hybrid Theory would only sign their first contract with Warner Bros. Records in November 1999.[4]

Writing and Recording

"Esaul" was among the first demos the band ever wrote, back when they were called Xero, and was on the audition tape sent to Chester.[5] The version on the LP Underground 11 CD was the very first recording of the song done in a professional studio, still with the original lyrics. The version on the 2-track demo was recorded some time after that, and the entire song was drastically changed.

"By Myself" came from a demo called "Sad", which dates from 1999.


The band can be seen playing a version of "Esaul" similar to the one on this demo (with "go away" during the bridge) during Marc Ostrick's Lockout documentary, which was recorded on February 24, 2000.

Versions of both songs, still credited to Hybrid Theory, were later available on the band's official website.[6] The WebArchive snapshot dates from April 8, 2000, but they could have been released before this date. The songs were hosted on and the band was registered to the site between October 12 and November 28, 1999.[7][8] The songs were similar to the 2-track demo versions, but still different. "By Myself" had Mike saying "always afraid" during the bridge and "Esaul" didn't have the "and the second it starts" lyrics in the second verse.

Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 A Place For My Head (Esaul) 3:08
2 By Myself 3:13

Live Performance

  • A Place For My Head (Esaul)
  • By Myself


  • On the pictures of a Hybrid Theory show at the Mill Avenue Sport Rock Cafe on May 27, 2000, copies of the CD can be seen on the stage.

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