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Demos (Hybrid Theory 9-Track Demo CD)

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Demo by Hybrid Theory
Label:Warner Bros. Records
Linkin Park demos chronology
Hybrid Theory 2-Track Demo Demos (Hybrid Theory 9-Track Demo CD) Hybrid Theory 8-Track Demo
This article is about the Hybrid Theory demo album named "Demos". For a list or demos, see List Of Available Demos.

Demos, Hybrid Theory 9-Track Demo or simply 9-Track Demo (as known by fans) is one of many CDs compiled by Warner Bros. Records to promote Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory at the time) before the release of their debut album. The CD contains demo versions of songs from the album.


The 9-track demo was the first source for many working titles and its tracks became the most well-known and widest circulated Hybrid Theory demos. After being available in varying quality around the internet for many years, community member Energy obtained a copy of the CD and made a high quality rip available on LPFuse for free download as a Christmas present in 2004.[1][2] It's unknown whether the spelling of "Super Zero" on the tracklist can be attributed to the band themselves or to miscommunication with the label.

The fact that the CD has a "Promo Use Only" warning indicates that it was used by Warner Bros. Records as a sampler to promote the band before the release of their debut album, taking the best demos of each song and combining them.[3] Because of this, the date on the CD doesn't necessarily relate to when the demos were recorded. The original CD sold on eBay in 2004 dated from January 7, 2000,[4] but the most common copy among collectors dates from February 11, 2000.

Writing and Recording

The version of "Untitled" on this CD was recorded after the version on the LP Underground 11 CD. According to Mike, his original beat for the song was scrapped and they had Rob record a new one right before they went into the studio.[5]

"Points & Authority" came from a demo called "Oh No", which was released in the LP Underground X: Demos CD. The version on this CD is believed to be recorded after the demo version on the LP Underground 12 CD (which is similar to this one but still different).

"Super Zero" is different from "By Myself" from the 2-track demo version, with significantly different lyrics and Mike whispering "So, what do you think?" at the beginning.

The chorus of "Crawling" originated from a demo called "Blue" and the beat from a demo called "Sky". This demo in particular starts with Chester yelling "I hate you so much right now!" in reference to the signature yell on "Caught Out There", the debut single by Kelis, released in the United States on September 20, 1999.[6] In Jeff Blue's book "One Step Closer: From Xero to #1: Becoming Linkin Park", he mentions a 9-track demo CD from the week of August 16, 1999 with a track titled "I Hate You/Crawling",[7] indicating "Crawling" already had the line before Kelis' single was officially out.

"Carousel" and "Part Of Me" both features different vocal takes from the Hybrid Theory EP versions, with "Part Of Me" having a shortened intro (similar to the EP).

The CD features the earliest available recording of "Rhinestone" with Chester Bennington on vocals. The song was completely reworked with new instrumental and new lyrics in comparison to the Xero version.

"Esaùl" is different from the 2-track demo version, having some different lyrics.

"And One" had its audio channels switched and is identical to its counterpart on the 8-track demo CD.


This CD offers some insight into where Hybrid Theory was as a band at this point, still working on their debut album. Songs from the Hybrid Theory EP were still in consideration for the album, and the band were starting to consider some Xero songs for it too.

The demos of "Super Zero" and "Crawling" were officially released in 2020 on Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition).

Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Untitled 3:52
2 Points & Authority 2:48
3 Super Zero 3:16
4 Crawling 3:50
5 Carousel 3:01
6 Part Of Me 3:38
7 And One 4:32
8 Rhinestone 3:41
9 Esaùl 3:08


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