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"Lockout" is a 13 part original web series created, produced, directed, edited, and filmed by Marc Ostrick from 1999 to 2000. The series focus on emerging bands struggling to make it in the music business, capturing young artists giving everything they have as they make music and try to have their songs heard around the world.[1]


The internet series was originally created for an contest in 1999.

The website had created a new space for videos under three minutes in length about anything from true-life experiences to complete fiction. Everyone who submited a video by February 15th received $100,[2] and the Grand Prize winner would receive $10,000 in cash or a Video Editing Suite consisting of Apple's G4 computer, a Sony VX 1000 DV camcorder, Final Cut Pro and an Apple Studio Display. To qualify for any of the prizes, videos had to be submitted by March 15th, 2000.[3]

Hybrid Theory

One band featured in Lockout was Hybrid Theory.

While at the dentist office, there was a dental assistant who asked Marc Ostrick what he was working on and he told her about his project, a series on breaking bands. She said her husband was in the music business and Ostrick should speak with him. It turns out that her husband was Jeff Blue. They got together and Blue told him about a new band he had just signed called Hybrid Theory. Ostrick thought they had a great sound and Blue introduced them.[4]

The band was taped on February 24, 2000 while rehearsing material for their first album. The band's rehearsal space at the time was at the HiFi Hollywood Rehearsal Studios,[5] located on Hollywood Boulevard between the intersections of Hollywood Boulevard and Ivar Avenue, and Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. Ostrick's first impression was that they definitely were taking what they were doing seriously, as they rehearsed with a lot of intensity while performing, like it was a real show.

On the series, they are seen playing versions of "Esaul", "Slip" and "Rhinestone"; Joe Hahn is seen scratching the 100mph Backsliding Turkey Kuts vinyl by Darth Fader and The Wax Warriors (aka DJ Qbert) while a beat from Super Duck Breaks...The Saga Begins by The Turntablist (aka DJ Babu) is played. Before releasing their debut effort, the band changed their name to Linkin Park.

Jeff Blue is also featured in one of the episodes, playing a demo CD containing versions of "Untitled" and "Super Xero".

Marc Ostrick spent around 5 hours with the band and about 2.5 hours of footage were filmed. It became a big sought after item among fans. Over $10,000 is wanted by Ostrick for the full raw footage.


  1. Linkin Park, Rock / Hip Hop Fusion
  2. Slye, Alternative Rock
  3. Brad & Damon, Musicians & Roommates
  4. DJ Joe of Linkin Park
  5. Switchblade Kittens, Girl Pop Punk
  6. Sean & Jeremie, Musical
  7. Nathan Bush, Blues
  8. Gregg Fine, Electronica
  9. Mr. Blue, VP Warner Bros. Records A&R
  10. Sandy Mist, Professional Shower Singer


  • Parking outside the band's rehearsal space was tough because their cars would get a ticket or towed if they were a few minutes over the time on the signs. While filming Hybrid Theory, Marc Ostrick got a ticket on his car and the band told him about how they were spending all of their record advance on parking tickets. They felt bad that he got a ticket and they filmed it and pretended like they got the ticket instead of Ostrick.
  • Footage from Lockout was used without Marc Ostrick's permission or knowledge in the 3rd episode of MTV's documentary series The Ride which aired on October 6th, 2014.[6]

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