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Junkyard Scientific

From Linkinpedia

Junkyard Scientific was a name that a friend of Ryu's, named Jerry, came up with prior to Styles Of Beyond existing and they both thought it was cool. It never formed into a proper crew but Ryu referenced it in songs occasionally as he liked the name. Vin Skully said that at one point Styles Of Beyond considered to use that name for the group, "Yeah, Junkyard Scientific was just a name we thought was cool. Nothing official though. Me and RYU always joked about renaming the group to that, but since we already started getting some traction with the name Styles Of Beyond, we were advised not to change our name."[1] Several songs on the group's 1998 debut album 2000 Fold make reference to Junkyard Scientic, namely "Dangerous Minds", "Muuvon", "Part II (Endangered)", "Survival Tactics" and "Marco Polo".

Back in the day, Mike Shinoda also rapped with Styles Of Beyond members using the name[2] and referenced it on the Xero songs "Fuse", "Closing" and "Fiends".

Two titles are registered on BMI under the Junkyard Scientific name: "Animal House" and "Flight Path". Both credit Ryu, Cheapshot, Vin Skully and James Katalbas as songwriters.[3][4] According to Ryu, they were demos recorded strictly for media (TV/film) licensing purposes as they are not the kind of tracks that he would normally do. He didn't know the songs were registered under that name. "I wasn't aware of that. Maybe something Cheapshot decided to call it? Again. I'm old. I don't remember shit."[1]

Both tracks were made available on The Math Club's (Cheapshot and Vin Skully's music composing company) official website[5] and "Animal House" was featured on Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's 2014 action comedy film 22 Jump Street (but not included in the soundtrack album). The group wrote, "We teamed up with an old friend of ours, Ryu from Styles of Beyond, a while back just to create a few tracks for fun. Low and behold, a friend of HIS heard the song, pitched it to a friend of HIS and boom we got a placement in what looks like the funniest film this year! Shows you how important friends are, huh?"[6]

A third title, "Til Next Time", was later added to BMI, but according Cheapshot, the song has never been licensed to any project and never released anywhere.[7]