The Sequel To The DVD With The Worst Name We've Ever Come Up With

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The Sequel To The DVD With The Worst Name We've Ever Come Up With
Documentary by Linkin Park
Recorded:January to March 2002
Released:October 9, 2020
Producer:Mark Fiore
Label:Warner Records

The Sequel To The DVD With The Worst Name We've Ever Come Up With is the a DVD released by Linkin Park in the Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition) in 2020.


The title The Sequel To The DVD With The Worst Name We've Ever Come Up With is a reference to the band's first DVD, Frat Party At The Pankake Festival, which was released in 2001. As a part of the Hybrid Theory 20 box set, Linkin Park had their longstanding videographer Mark Fiore compile footage from their headlining tour on Projekt Revolution 2002 to create a brand new DVD of content.


The DVD is composed of a variety of footage from Projekt Revolution 2002 as well as clips of Linkin Park's first visit to Mexico, the show after the tour ended, and a sit-down band interview with Linkin Park conducted at some point in 2001. Scenes featured funny content, from the band getting free clothing items before a show to Brad Delson walking to the stage each night with super baggy pants on to Joe Hahn almost missing a show due to being stranded in another city which required the sheriff to go help him get to the show.

Linkin Park is shown backstage throughout the tour, clips of the concerts and the band talking on stage are included, as well as a prank they conducted by playing golf on Deadsy's stage who opened the tour. Some of the song clips included are from "With You", "Step Up", and "A Place For My Head."

Some of the in-between song footage cut from the Las Vegas, Nevada show used on the Projekt Revolution 2002 DVD is used in this DVD - like Chester speaking to the crowd before the band played "My December." On Twitch when he got a copy of the box set in 2020, Mike Shinoda talked and laughed about the expletive-laden speech that Chester gave about having "the best fucking fans."

This DVD finally confirmed longstanding rumors that either Eminem and/or members of D12 joined the band on "One Step Closer" in Detroit, something that was shared by Linkin Park fan sites for years. A clip of the end of the song is shown without them present.

Speaking about the DVD upon its release, Mike Shinoda said, "And then the last thing, which I think is one of the most exciting things, is we called it Projekt Revolution 2002, the sequel to the DVD with the worst name we've ever come up with. At the time, in 2002, we released this DVD called Frat Party At The Pankake Festival. It was an inside joke, a stupid name. We were almost playing chicken with management. They were giving us deadlines on everything and they gave us this deadline on the name of the DVD. So we told them that was the name almost as a dare to see if they would tell us to rename it or give us more time. And they were like, "Okay, that's the name." And we're like, "Yep, that's the name" (laughs). It just became the name. But we found in collecting all this stuff for this box set. We found hours of footage from that time period when we were making the original DVD. And there's all this stuff we didn't include on that DVD. We realized we could make a whole new DVD with all this other material. I don't even know. I think some of it we shot after that DVD was already in production. So we had all this footage. It's so funny and we're so young. I felt like it was a real time warp watching this. It really takes you back to 2002."[1]


The DVD was released in the Hybrid Theory 20 box set on the Projekt Revolution 2002 live DVD as the second video on the DVD, because its content was taken from that tour.

Track Listing


Linkin Park

  • Chester Bennington: Vocals
  • Mike Shinoda: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Brad Delson: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Dave "Phoenix" Farrell: Bass Guitar
  • Joseph Hahn: Turntables, Sampling, Programming
  • Rob Bourdon: Drums, Backing Vocals



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