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Remix by Linkin Park
Released:December 25, 2023

Refraction is a fan-made remix album consisting of reimagined versions of songs from the 2003 album Meteora by Linkin Park. The album was released by the fansite LPLive on December 25, 2023 in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Meteora.


On December 25, 2023, Linkin Park fansite LPLive posted a remix album produced by various members of the community. In the post, they said “We are very excited to announce a Meteora remix album, we have been working on behind the scenes this whole year, with a bunch of the best producers and artists of the LP community. This is LPLive's celebration of the 20th anniversary of Meteora giving the listeners a fresh experience of the album 20 years later, for everyone who loves the band as much as we do. I really hope you all enjoy this project and blast this new old Linkin Park music. We are all very excited to share it with everyone, for the fans by the fans as always, I'm presenting you... Refraction

Writing and Recording

LPLive admin and executive producer of the album SerioDrew gave some insight on how the album came about: “It all started as an idea to celebrate Meteora's aniversarry by giving the fans some “new” Linkin Park music to listen to. Inspired by Viscera I invited some of the most talented artists of the community to create a reimagined sound of the 20 year old record. From the get go, we wanted this to have its own identity as an album, we worked as a team, urging collaborations and worked every track to the detail as well as including more original pieces. We are all very proud of the outcome and hopefully this is just our first project!”.

VISIA, one of the producers who worked on multiple tracks, added: “The collective has worked hard and passionate. From a producers POV, everybody brought their own style and genre to the table. From rock, to alternative, to something more calm or even epic to EDM. We still aimed for the Linkin Park audience and tried our best to have an even balanced tracklist that still takes you through up and downs like a rollercoaster. The team and I had an absolute blast working on this - especially after a nearly 10 years hiatus from a collective-remix album (VISCERA). A huge thank you from the team for giving us your attention - we hope you like it!


The album features remixes of all 13 songs from Linkin Park's second studio album Meteora, as well as the song "Lost", which was released as the lead single for the 20th anniversary edition of the album. While most of the tracks were titled after their original studio versions, the album features four new titles: "The Awakening", "Day One", "Forward", and "Echo In The Way". The first two are original tracks created for the album while the latter two are renamed versions of "Foreword" and "Session", respectively.

“The Awakening” serves as the intro to the album and reinterprets vocal parts from "Somewhere I Belong".

“Day One” is a two part interlude: the first part samples an interview Mike Shinoda gave during the promotion of the 20th anniversary version of Meteora over a chill beat, while the second half flips into a more hip-hop based instrumental. The second half also uses the first verse of "Resolution", the demo for "Lost" that was also released as part of the "Lost Demos".

"Forward" starts with the sample from "Foreword", but evolves into an otherwise original instrumental. It's been described as "the main turning point in the flow of the project" by executive producer SerioDrew.

“Echo In The Way” is the project's “Session” remix, but with original vocals written and performed by Ace Wav and Dimitris Papasinos. The lyrics were inspired by the Matrix Trilogy, which featured "Session" on the soundtrack and got the song nominated for a Grammy.

Furthermore, the remixes of "Nobody's Listening" and "Figure.09" include snippets of other versions of the songs. "Nobody's Listening" includes vocals from the Green Lantern remix of the song that was included on We Major (which is also the only officially released remix of a Meteora song), while "Figure.09" includes Chester and Mike's vocals from the demo included on the LP Underground 9 CD in the outro of the remix. The remix of "Don't Stay" also includes a snippet of an interview in the bridge where Mike talks about Chester's childhood.


LPLive announced the project on December 14, 2023. 4 days later, a teaser trailer was posted revealing the release date and the producers involved.

Refraction was made available for download on LPLive in high quality FLAC and MP3 formats on December 25, 2023, as well as on LPLive's YouTube channel.

Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 The Awakening Linkin Park 1:38
2 Somewhere I Belong (VISIA Remix) 3:44
3 From The Inside (Dirtyblup Remix) 4:49
4 Day One 2:13
5 Nobody's Listening (Refraction Remix) 2:59
6 Lying From You (Xefuzion Remix) 3:18
7 Figure.09 (DJ Yamato Remix) 4:24
8 Hit The Floor (Darkenius Storm Remix) 3:06
9 Forward 2:10
10 Breaking The Habit (Randy Vazquez & Lizzi Cloverman Remix) 4:19
11 Easier To Run (Randy Vazquez Remix) 4:57
12 Don't Stay (shurpi Remix) 3:38
13 Lost (Dirtyblup & VISIA Remix) 4:08
14 Echo In The Way Ace Wav, Dimitris Papasinos 3:41
15 Faint (Jakub Patok Remix) Linkin Park 2:58
16 Numb (Lizzi Cloverman & shurpi Remix) 4:38


The Awakening

  • Producer: VISIA
  • Vocals: Dimitris Papasinos
  • Additional Guitar: Maruf
  • Mix: VISIA
  • Master: VISIA

Somewhere I Belong

  • Producer: VISIA
  • Mix: VISIA
  • Master: VISIA

From The Inside

  • Producer: DirtyBlup
  • Mix: DirtyBlup
  • Master: DirtyBlup

Day One

  • Producer: shurpi
  • Additional Production: VISIA
  • Scratches: Lost Wisdom
  • Mix: VISIA
  • Master: VISIA

Nobody's Listening

  • Producer: SerioDrew, VISIA , DJ Yamato, Jakub Patok, DirtyBlup, shurpi, Lizzi Cloverman, Darkenius Storm
  • Additional Guitar: Jakub Patok
  • Additional Vocals: Dimitris Papasinos
  • Scratches: DJ Yamato
  • Mix: VISIA
  • Master: VISIA

Lying From You

  • Producer: Xefuzion
  • Mix: Xefuzion
  • Master: Xefuzion

Figure 09

  • Producer: DJ Yamato
  • Additional Guitar: Cainã Alessi
  • Additional Bass: Cainã Alessi
  • Scratches: DJ Yamato
  • Mix: DJ Yamato
  • Master: DJ Yamato

Hit The Floor

  • Producer: Darkenius Storm
  • Mix: VISIA
  • Master: VISIA


  • Producer: Jakub Patok
  • Mix: Jakub Patok
  • Master: Jakub Patok

Breaking The Habit

  • Producer: Randy Vazquez, Lizzi Cloverman
  • Mix: Randy Vazquez, Lizzi Cloverman
  • Master: Randy Vazquez

Easier To Run

  • Producer: Randy Vazquez
  • Additional Vocals: Randy Vazquez, Dimitris Papasinos
  • Mix: Randy Vazquez
  • Master: Randy Vazquez

Don't Stay

  • Producer: shurpi
  • Mix: VISIA
  • Master: VISIA


  • Producer: DirtyBlup, VISIA
  • Mix: DirtyBlup, VISIA
  • Master: VISIA

Echo In The Way

  • Producer: DirtyBlup
  • Vocals: Ace Wav, Dimitris Papasinos
  • Lyrics: Ace Wav, Dimitris Papasinos
  • Scratches: Lost Wisdom
  • Mix: Ace Wav
  • Master: Ace Wav


  • Producer: Jakub Patok
  • Additional Guitar: Jakub Patok
  • Mix: Jakub Patok
  • Master: Jakub Patok


  • Producer: Lizzi Cloverman, shurpi
  • Additional Guitar: Maruf
  • Mix: VISIA
  • Master: VISIA


  • Executive Producer: SerioDrew
  • Presented by: LPLive
  • Transitions by: DJ Yamato
  • All songs written and originally performed by Linkin Park except:
  • “Echo In The Way” written and performed by Ace Wav and Dimitris Papasinos
  • All songs originally appear on “Meteora”


  • Creative Direction: SerioDrew
  • Artwork & Illustration by: @digvart
  • Videos by: shurpi


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