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From Linkinpedia
Remix by Linkin Park
Released:December 24, 2014
Length:01:00:14 (Original)
01:00:25 (LPU Edition)
Linkin Park Underground chronology
LP Underground XIII
LP Underground XIV

Viscera is a fan-made remix album consisting of reimagined versions of songs from the 2014 album The Hunting Party by Linkin Park. Its good reception eventually led the band to acquire all the rights to the album and release it through their official fan club, the Linkin Park Underground.


Fan site LPAssociation posted on Christmas 2014:

"If you're a follower of the Linkin Park remix community, enjoy the LPAssociation's Monthly Mix-Up challenges or just want to breathe some new life into the band's sixth album THE HUNTING PARTY, then we have a special treat for you today. The Linkin Park Association is proud to present a brand new collaboration project comprised of some of the best, most talented and well known remix artists in the Linkin Park fan community.

Titled 'VISCERA', this album is far more than just a simple reinterpretation of the tracks found on the band's sixth studio release. Instead it is a completely new beast. Much like the 12 tracks on The Hunting Party challenged the unprepared masses, VISCERA follows in the same risky footsteps by serving up a very different record to the previous fan-made remix album "Reliving Things". In the works for over five months, this album is much less a 'slice of MMU talent' and more a collective of determined and focused musicians with a shared love of Linkin Park's music, who wanted to pay respects to The Hunting Party in the best way possible. Having featured the successful fan favorite "Reliving Things" in the past, it is both an honor and a pleasure to once again put the talents of the remix community on display with VISCERA and we hope you enjoy the record. Without any further ado, we present to you:"[1]

Writing and Recording

Community member Broman gave some insight on LPLive on how the album came about and how the negotiations with the band transpired: "Regardless of what you're stating, there were legal matters that had to be dealt with for them to take ownership. They definitely asked us for our permission via contract form to distribute the album. The emails and paperwork Lorenzo sent out stated that in order for them to distribute the album, we all needed to sign the added contract, granting them permission to do what they'd like with it, but also stating we'd receive no royalties for Viscera, as well as additional notes on assigning all ownership rights over to them. Obviously some level of work belonged to them, musically speaking, but a large chunk of the remixes were made from scratch. That, alongside said artwork, title, etc are the reasons why the band would not be able to freely distribute the songs as they pleased, no matter how they chose to give it out to the LPU. "[2]


The album features remixes of all 12 songs from Linkin Park's sixth studio album The Hunting Party. While most of the tracks were titled after their original studio versions, the album features two new titles: "Smokescreen" and "Theories". The first being a remix of "Guilty All The Same" based on Rakim's rap. As for the latter, it's an original track that serves as an instrumental interlude. "The Summoning: minuteforce" and "Smokescreen" were combined into one single track for the instrumental version of the album leaving it at 15 tracks instead of 16.

While the LPU edition features the same tracklist, the remixes are actually slightly different from the LPAssociation release. The most notable example is Xefuzion's remix of "Mark The Graves" which contains many differences. Besides that, most of the tracks remained the same with only the mixing being changed.[3]


Viscera was made available on LPAssociation completely free in high quality AAC, MP3 and FLAC formats on December 24, 2014.[1] To thank the fans for their support of the album, an instrumental version was released on February 28, 2015 in all the aforementioned formats.[4] Each download of both versions was accompanied by a full digital art booklet.

The official LP Underground version was released on June 18, 2015 to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of The Hunting Party. Each fan club member received an e-mail with a link to download the album for free in MP3 format. No digital booklet was included.

The band's email to fans read:

"Today marks the 1 year anniversary of our album The Hunting Party. We wanted to do something special for the LPU members to celebrate. Below you will find a download link to “VISCERA”, a remix project of The Hunting Party created by the members of the Linkin Park Association (LPA).

Thank you all for your support this year. We look forward to seeing you on the road.


Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Drawbar: Lizzi Cloverman 4:09
2 Until It's Gone: Simple Automaton 4:38
3 War: RostaSliwka 3:34
4 All For Nothing: Shurpi 4:14
5 A Line In The Sand: DirtyBlup 4:19
6 The Summoning: minuteforce 1:07
7 Smokescreen 2:16
8 Guilty All The Same: MKH 4:16
9 All For Nothing: zwieR.Z. 3:34
10 Final Masquerade: Lizzi Cloverman 3:59
11 Theories 1:03
12 Wastelands: Cypher 2:24
13 Rebellion: Various 3:38
14 Keys To The Kingdom: Confetti Parade 3:28
15 A Line In The Sand: minuteforce 5:59
16 Mark The Graves: Xefuzion 7:29


Drawbar: Lizzi Cloverman

  • Production + mixing: Lizzi Cloverman

Until It's Gone: Simple Automaton

  • Production + mixing: Simple Automaton
  • Additional production: Cypher
  • Additional vocals: Broman

War: RostaSliwka

  • Production + mixing: RostaSliwka

All For Nothing: Shurpi

  • Production: Shurpi
  • Mixing: Adi Rotem

A Line In The Sand: DirtyBlup

  • Production + mixing: DirtyBlup
  • Additional vocals: Lizzi Cloverman

The Summoning: minuteforce

  • Production + mixing: minuteforce


  • Production: minuteforce + Shurpi
  • Mixing: minuteforce

Guilty All The Same: MKH

  • Production + mixing: MKH

All For Nothing: zwieR.Z.

  • Production + mixing: zwieR.Z.

Final Masquerade: Lizzi Cloverman

  • Production + mixing: Lizzi Cloverman
  • Additional production: minuteforce


  • Production + mixing: Shurpi

Wastelands: Cypher

  • Production + mixing: Cypher

Rebellion: Various

  • Production: minuteforce + Simple Automaton + Shurpi
  • Additional production: Cypher
  • Mixing: Shurpi

Keys To The Kingdom: Confetti Parade

  • Production + mixing: Confetti Parade
  • Additional guitar: MKH

A Line In The Sand: minuteforce

  • Production + mixing: minuteforce
  • Additional production: Cypher
  • Additional guitar: Weeknight Psychopath
  • Additional vocals: Broman + Decay

Mark The Graves: Xefuzion

  • Production + mixing: Xefuzion


  • All songs written + Originally performed by Linkin Park except:
  • “Drawbar”, Written by Linkin Park + Tom Morello
  • “Guilty All The Same”, Written by Linkin Park + Rakim
  • “Rebellion”, Written by Linkin Park + Daron Malakian
  • All songs originally appear on “The Hunting Party”
  • Mastering: Michael MacDonald


  • Art direction: Confetti Parade
  • Artwork by: Blindevotion
  • Colouring: Simple Automaton + DirtyBlup
  • Booklet design: Confetti Parade
  • Presented by Linkin Park Association


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