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Mike Shinoda Discography

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Albums, EPs, Live Releases


Miscellaneous Releases

Songs Featuring Mike Shinoda

Freestyle (feat. Mike) It's Goin' Down (Feat. Mike and Joe) Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2 (feat. Mike and Chester) Second To None (feat. Mike) Hey You (feat. Mike) Carry Me Away (feat. Mike) Things In My Jeep (feat. Mike and Chester) Like Riding A Bike (feat. Mike) Waiting For Tomorrow (feat. Mike) Last One To Know (feat. Mike)

Unreleased Songs: "Unreleased" (feat. Mike and Joe)

Songs Written Or Produced By Mike Shinoda

#ShinodaProduceMe Releases

All songs produced by Mike Shinoda live on Twitch.

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