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Song by Mike Shinoda
Working title:6.18 For Audius
Recorded:June 18, 2021
Released:June 18, 2021
Time signature:4/4
Writer:Mike Shinoda
Producer:Mike Shinoda

"Uproar" is an instrumental song by Mike Shinoda created live on Twitch on June 18, 2021. It was released the same day on the blockchain-based music platform Audius.


After the release of the three volumes of Dropped Frames, Mike confirmed many times that he didn't have the intention of releasing a fourth volume. Back on October 2020 he said: "You know, I have to imagine there will be a way to release them and I don't know what that's going to be. My thing was like, the ones that I really really liked, that I made, I put them on the 'Dropped Frames' ones. And I've made some since then that I got like 'I really like that one'. But there's also a lot that I think are fine, they're ok, but I wouldn't want them sitting and taking up space on my Spotify page... almost like just clutter. And I want you guys to have them or have access to. I just haven't figured out the right way to do it."[1]

On March 2021 he introduced the idea of releasing more songs created on Twitch through a new platform, called Audius: "Let me ask a question. There is a platform starting, it's a blockchain music platform called Audius. Their proposal, where they wanna get to, is basically like a super artist-fan centric music platform that it's a little bit like SoundCloud, but it's different. They're heading towards like a 90/10% artists split, meaning like... I don't remember what the number was but you guys are seeing these things going around where it's like, Spotify pays... like if you have a million streams on Spotify you get like two dollars. You get whatever that is right? Tidal pays more, and SoundCloud does a different thing, and so on, you know all of this. So their thing is, they want to facilitate the most direct connection between the artist and the fans, and if you sell a thing you keep almost all of the money and they have the capability of tracking... If you do a remix, I think they can track who partecipated and in what ways, because of the blockchain element, so like, 'I make a keyboard, you make drums, they play guitar, we all share the royalties of that'. Right know that's not all setup, but that's where they're heading towards. So they have some interesting capabilities that other platforms aren't doing or maybe can't do. If this was a thing where I started putting these Dropped Frames things, not the ones with vocals, but the instrumentals, is that something that you guys would do? Or do you just really want them the other way? 'Cause the other way is fine, it's just the audience is small. The audience for the Dropped Frames stuff is a small audience. And small audience stuff doesn't do very well just in terms of being effective in money per stream, or whatever, it's not effective. So my thought was, maybe we can put these things up on Audius and see how that goes. Would you guys be down? I know it's like starting another account but... No, it's free, you're not paying anything at this point. It's like Spotify has a free service and a pay thing, that's where they're headed, you can always listen to them for free. I think it will be ad-based, it's not ad-based right now, right now they're just building the community. I haven't done a deal with them, I made an account and that's it. I talked to them and I liked what they had to say. They're not gonna replace Spotify or whatever, they described it almost as if it was a music streaming version of a fan club, which I thought it was like, 'Oh! Addictive!'. Like, regular fans would go on Spotify and Apple and blah, blah, blah, but if you treat it like a streaming service for a fan club, then all of the sudden that made sense to me, I was like, 'Oh ok, you're more tight, it's more interactive and it's a different kind of experience.'"


During the Twitch stream on April 20, 2021 he decided to release the jam he created the day before, revealing that he named it "Golden Falcon": "That jam yesterday was interesting. Can we listen to that real quick? I feel like listening to it. I called it... I ended up calling it... Golden Falcon. That's just the first two words that came to mind. This is what happened on the stream yesterday. It's a lot of energy. Something came to mind, I added a couple of little things as I was mixing it."

"I've been trying to talk to the Audius guys about putting a song on Audius. Is this a good Audius song? You want this one? Is there one you want more than this one? I can put more on there. You want Roger? I don't think I can't do Roger, Roger's got samples in it, I can't put something up there with samples, I don't want to deal with that. Wilhelm? I'm not saying I won't pure more, I'm just saying 'Which one do we starting with?', this one, right? Alright, we'll spend a day just figuring that out. Should we figure that out tomorrow? Hang on, let me see what team Audius says. We'll find out what Audius team thinks about me putting this jam up."

He also considered other songs, eventually choosing "Golden Falcon": "What was the other one you guys wanted me to put out? Somebody said the Wilhelm scream one? Skrrt Skrrt I can put out. Maybe that could be good too. I don't want to put it out first though. Oh, I can't put Skrrt Skrrt up there either. I have to go with the ones with no vocals. I can put this one up though, this one I can. Why you guys like KarmaKon so much? This one? Ok cool, I'll put the track from yesterday up. He said 'I think it's ideal'. I'll do it on stream. I don't know if I can show my stream while I do it, I'm afraid to give away password or whatever. I'll put it out... what did I call? Golden Falcon? Golden Falcon! Ok, Golden Falcon is going up tomorrow on Audius. If you don't already have the app, just go on the app store and get Audius Music and follow me on the app. I am of course 'mikeshinoda', no space, no slash, no whatever. Yeah, and we'll be able to listen to this song on Audius. Audius is a blockchain-based music app. Right know, when you first get into it, when you first see it, you're gonna go 'Oh this is kinda like SoundCloud', or whatever, you're not gonna realize it's very different. On the back-end of it it's very different."

On April 21, 2021 he uploaded the track on Audius, along with 5 stems, revealing the cover and showing the entire process live on Twitch. He released all the 10 stems in WAV format through a Dropbox link, shared with the Twitch subscribers with the following message: "Here are the stems for "Golden Falcon". Thanks for subscribing!"

"Uproar" was produced on Twitch on June 18, 2021, Mike already started the stream with the intention of creating a track to put out on Audius. He posted it a few hours after the stream, writing on Instagram, "I made a new (rock?) instrumental today on Twitch, and just posted it to @audiusmusic // open the app and search my name, you’ll find it. I also uploaded the stems so you can remix it… #audius #remix #shinodaproduceme #uproar #linkinpark #fortminor"[2]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Uproar Uproar 2:14 June 18, 2021 June 18, 2021
  • Created live on Twitch on June 18, 2021.
  • Released for free download on Audius on June 18, 2021.
Uproar - Instrumental 2:14 June 18, 2021 June 18, 2021
  • Stem.
  • Released on Audius.
Uproar - Percussion 2:14 June 18, 2021 June 18, 2021
  • Stem.
  • Released on Audius.
Uproar - Melodic Lead 2:14 June 18, 2021 June 18, 2021
  • Stem.
  • Released on Audius.