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Linkin Park Live - 2003.04.30 - North Little Rock, AR, United States

From Linkinpedia
April 30, 2003
Cancelled date by Linkin Park
Country:United States
City:North Little Rock, AR
Venue:Alltel Arena
Venue Type:Arena
Tour:Projekt Revolution Tour
Other bands:Mudvayne, Xzibit, Blindside
Linkin Park live chronology
Apr 29, 2003 Apr 30, 2003 Jun 7, 2003

Other Notes:

  • This show was originally announced on the band's website and the Projekt Revolution website along with the rest of the tour. However, when it was announced that the two shows before this one were being postponed, this show disappeared without a trace from the tour itinerary. No announcement was made about it being cancelled. The announcement for the two shows before it read, "Due to a scheduling conflict with Linkin Park’s video shoot for their second Meteora single, they had to postpone two of the Projekt Revolution tour dates- ValleyCenter, KS and Council Bluffs, IA. They plan to reschedule both these tour dates this summer- so stay tuned for more information." The music video for Faint was shot on this day, the 30th, in Los Angeles, so we can assume that the shoot is the reason this show was cancelled.