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Hybrid Theory Live - 1999.09.02 - Los Angeles, CA, United States

From Linkinpedia
September 2, 1999
Label showcase by Hybrid Theory
Country:United States
City:Los Angeles, CA
Event:"Mike Galaxy Presents" Indy Hits Showcase
Venue:The Gig-Hollywood
Venue Type:Bar/Club
Running order:Cerulean, *, Inside Scarlet, Left Standing, Life Size, Act Of Faith
Hybrid Theory live chronology
Aug 28, 1999 Sep 2, 1999 Nov 12, 1999


The setlist is completely unknown.

Other Notes:

  • "Mike Galaxy Presents" Indy Hits Showcase was a weekly event aimed on music industry exposure for independent bands. It was usually held every Thursday at the now closed club called The Gig-Hollywood. Mike Galaxy himself confirmed the show for LPLive and believes this was Chester's very first show with the band: "They were signed after labels saw them at my showcase [...] Unfortunately I do not remember the date of their performance. I think it was the first show ever with singer Chester Bennington. Yes at the Gig on Melrose which is closed several years ago".
  • The show was added to the guide in November 2016.