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Grey Daze Live - 1998.03.17 - Tempe, AZ, United States

From Linkinpedia
March 17, 1998
Concert by Grey Daze
Country:United States
City:Tempe, AZ
Event:St. Patrick's Day
Venue:The Bash On Ash @ McDuffy's
Venue Type:Bar/Club
Grey Daze live chronology
Feb 21, 1998 Mar 17, 1998 Mar 20, 1998


The setlist is completely unknown.

Other Notes:

  • The announcement for the show from the March 12, 1998 issue of Arizona Republic says: "Personalities from KUPD-FM (97.9) will begin broadcasting live at 5:30 a.m. Green beer specials, giveaways and live music by Grey Daze", so there's a possibility that Grey Daze's performance was recorded/broadcasted live on KUPD as well. LPLive contacted KUPD to ask about the event on December 2015, but our message is currently unanswered.