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Jornada Del Muerto

From Linkinpedia
"Jornada Del Muerto"
Song by Linkin Park
from the album A Thousand Suns
Recorded:2008 - 2010
Time signature:9/8, 3/4
Key:A Minor
Live debut:September 14, 2010
Last performed:September 25, 2011
Writer:Linkin Park
Producer:Mike Shinoda, Rick Rubin
Label:Warner Bros.
A Thousand Suns tracklist
  1. The Requiem
  2. The Radiance
  3. Burning In The Skies
  4. Empty Spaces
  5. When They Come For Me
  6. Robot Boy
  7. Jornada Del Muerto
  8. Waiting For The End
  9. Blackout
  10. Wretches And Kings
  11. Wisdom, Justice, And Love
  12. Iridescent
  13. Fallout
  14. The Catalyst
  15. The Messenger


"Jornada Del Muerto" is a synth-heavy song, building into a massive climax with guitars, transitioning into "Waiting For The End". The song's title means "Journey Of The Dead Man" in Spanish, making it the only song title in Linkin Park's discography to not be English until that point. The name comes from the Jornada del Muerto region in the northwest corner of the Alamogordo Bombing Range, a desert in Socorro, New Mexico where the United States tested atomic bomb Trinity in 1945 as part of the Manhattan Project,[1] fitting in with the album's messages of nuclear warfare.

The song also contains Mike singing in Japanese, making it the first time a Linkin Park song has featured non-English lyrics (not counting the Spanish in "Empty Spaces"). The lyrics translate to the lyrics from the bridge of "The Catalyst" - "Lift me up, let me go." Mike said, "I remember making this part and texting and emailing a bunch of people, like, to make sure that I got the words right. Because it’s supposed to be, I wanted it to be 'Lift me up, let me go', but in Japanese. We were doing a bunch of different stuff in different languages on the album."'[2]

The winner of "The Catalyst" remix contest NoBraiN was offered a chance to work on two songs: "Jornada Del Muerto" and "When They Come For Me" - his contribution made it onto the end of "When They Come For Me", but his work on "Jornada Del Muerto" did not make it to the studio version.[3]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Jornada Del Muerto A Thousand Suns 1:35 2008-2010 October 19, 2010
Jornada Del Muerto A Thousand Suns Instrumentals 1:59 2008-2010
  • The CD dates from September 15, 2010.
  • Official instrumental version.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Jornada Del Muerto Live In Red Square 1:49 June 23, 2011 July 21, 2011
  • Released as a prize for the "Iridescent" "Super-Fun Trading Fun-Cards" game. After all six cards were collected, the person could enter the codes of each card at to get a free download of the full show.
Jornada Del Muerto (Live From Hamburg, 2011) A Thousand Suns - Live Around The World 1:50 June 21, 2011 June 19, 2012


"Jornada Del Muerto" debuted at the New York City A Thousand Suns release show, where it was played after "Breaking The Habit". "Jornada Del Muerto" was played at almost every show throughout 2010, being dropped only at the Madrid MTV EMAs performance. Sets A-1 and A-3 had the song after "No More Sorrow", and Sets B, B-1, and B-9 all had the song after "From The Inside". The song didn't see much movement during 2011. The 2011 North American tour had the song after "No More Sorrow" in Sets A-1, B-11, C-5, and C-6. Set B-13 had "Jornada Del Muerto" after "From The Inside". During the 2011 European and Asian tours, "Jornada Del Muerto" was played after "No More Sorrow" in Sets A, B, D, E, and the two one-off sets for Moscow and Singapore, and was played after "From The Inside" in Set C. Once the A Thousand Suns cycle ended, "Jornada Del Muerto" was dropped and hasn't been played since.



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