Hidden Track

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Song by Tasty Snax
from the album Run Joseph Run
Run Joseph Run tracklist
  1. Wonderbread
  2. Screw Up
  3. Run Joseph Run
  4. My Greatest Day
  5. Randomness
  6. My Parade
  7. Same Ol' Story
  8. Cb
  9. Ode Ta Bob
  10. Freedom
  11. Hidden Track



Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Hidden Track Run Joseph Run 1:30 June 1, 1998
  • Unlisted 11th track on the album.
  • Untitled.
  • Sold online as "Hidden Track".





Album Version



Italian salad and then I'm on the mic
And then I'm walkin' through Lapino and I'm rapping all night
Come on, get on up
Shakey, shakey, shakey all out
Fast forward to the bone
That's what I'm all about
I got a snack attack
Better step on back
Look who's in time out
I'm wickity-wickity-whack!


My name is Dave
I got a brother named Joe
And when I'm on the mic
Can I feel my flow?
Got beats and nicks
We should fight tongues
Snacks peep my style
We won't get along like
Did we go to school to get rich or famous?
If we learned a thing about the fish around your anus


Five dollars in the house
Six-string bass
Tryna' to suck my D for the sounds you like
Someone kill the turret
He gonna make mad beats
All my friends who use curse wanna kick in my teeth
So I'm getting the word out
Rotting 'em on the streets
Better feel like Halloween
Take the snack!
Here's your treat!

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