Run Joseph Run

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Run Joseph Run
Studio album by The Snax
Released:June 1, 1998
Producer:Kendall Nadeau, Tasty Snax
Label:Screaming Giant Records
Snax studio album chronology
Run Joseph Run

Run Joseph Run is the first of two albums released by Snax, Phoenix's former band.


Run Joseph Run features ten tracks (including a hidden joke track) and is the first release on the The Snax's contract with Screaming Giant Records. The album has since gone out of print. It is also the only album by the band known to feature a music video for one of the tracks, the title track "Run Joseph Run."

Screaming Giant Records about the release says, ""Run Joseph Run" was the first release by this Orange County punk/ska/alternative band. The band changed their name to "Snax" and released their followup "Self Titled" album a few years later on Screaming Giant. A former member has gone on to play with Linkin Park for more than a decade."[1]


Run Joseph Run was released on both CD and cassette on June 1, 1998.

Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Wonderbread Snax
2 Screw Up Snax
3 Run Joseph Run Snax
4 My Greatest Day Snax
5 Randomness Snax
6 My Parade Snax
7 Same Ol' Story Snax
8 CB Snax
9 Ode Ta Bob Snax
10 Freedom Snax




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