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Family Values Tour 2001

From Linkinpedia
Family Values Tour 2001
Tour by Linkin Park
Associated album:Hybrid Theory
Start:October 11, 2001
End:November 17, 2001
Number of shows:27
Supporting acts:Staind, Static-X, Deadsy, Spike 1000
Opening for:Stone Temple Pilots
Tour chronology
European Tour 2001 Family Values Tour 2001 Countdown To Revolution 2001


The Family Values Tour 2001 was a tour that Linkin Park was a part of in late 2001. The Family Values Tour was originally started by Korn, but Korn wasn't always on the bill each year. The 2001 version of the tour was headlined by Stone Temple Pilots and also featured Linkin Park, Staind, Static-X and Deadsy. Spike1000 also performed at select shows of the tour.

The tour consisted of twenty seven shows across The United States and Canada from October 11th to November 17th. Linkin Park played as direct support for Stone Temple Pilots.

Before the tour

Before The Family Values Tour kicked off in October, the band came fresh off of a European Tour in September. Linkin Park played in many cities across Europe, and the most famous of them was the show at Docklands Arena in London on September 16th. The show was originally planned to be filmed for a live DVD, however the show was ultimately never released as a live album and the reasoning behind it is unknown.

Linkin Park played one show in Chula Vista, CA after the European Tour was over. Apparently at one point during the show, Brad was frustrated that his gear wasn't working properly so he kicked a large steel door, resulting in him breaking his foot. There is a demo written during the Meteora sessions entitled Broken Foot, likely named after this incident.


The tour kicked off in Cleveland, OH on October 11th. After a string of shows, the tour stopped in Toronto, ON for the only Canadian date of the tour. Starting with the East Rutherford, NJ show on October 24th, Forgotten was dropped from the rest of the tour and the band went down to eleven songs in the setlist instead of twelve.

The setlist was standard, with ten songs (eleven when Forgotten was played) from Hybrid Theory. To change things up, Linkin Park added Step Up from the Hybrid Theory EP to the middle of the setlist.

The show in Charlotte, NC was moved from the Charlotte Coliseum to Ovens Auditorium next door. This was a downgrade in capacity, meaning it was likely due to poor ticket sales. The new venue had no area for a pit and there were only seats. The tour wrapped up in Tacoma, WA on November 17th.

Memorable Moments

On the Atlanta, GA stop of the tour, according to pictures, Chester and Brad both wore animal masks on stage since it was Halloween. We don't know about the other bands members as there might be more pictures. Before the show, the band shot Frat Party DVD promos in the dressing room with those masks on.

The band played a short cover of Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses after Crawling at the Anaheim, CA stop of the tour.

The show in Portland, OR has gotten some rather interesting reviews from area reporters. It has been said that Scott from Stone Temple Pilots took off all his clothes by the end of his set and pulled his genitalia between his legs and started cussing wildly at the crowd. Then, Chester came out and started licking Scott's thighs.


Aaron Lewis of Staind came out on One Step Closer many times on the tour with the band. The best recording of this collaboration comes from The Family Values Tour 2001 Compilation CD.

On the final stop of the tour in Tacoma, WA, DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit joined the band for Step Up, despite Limp Bizkit not being featured on the tour that year.

Rumor has it that Chester performed Outside with Staind at the beginning of the tour. However, there is no actual proof of this.

Chester frequently joined Stone Temple Pilots for Dead & Bloated on most shows of the tour.

On October 21st in Toronto, Total Eclipse and Mista Sinista from the X-Ecutioners came out and did a short DJ set after A Place For My Head. Forgotten was dropped from the setlist because of this.

Touring Bands

Stone Temple Pilots, Staind, Static-X, Deadsy, Spike1000

Stone Temple Pilots was one of Chester's favorite bands growing up. Chester later became the frontman for Stone Temple Pilots in 2013 and quit the band in 2015. He is still good friends with the band.

Staind was another band that Chester and Linkin Park looked up to when they were starting out, and you can even see a poster for Staind at Mike's old apartment in Frat Party At The Pankake Festival. Joe Hahn kept in touch with Deadsy over the years, particularly Alec Puro, after the tour, and he collaborated with them for his movie MALL that came out in 2014.


A CD entitled Family Values Tour 2001 was released in 2002 and featured two live tracks from Linkin Park, as well as live tracks from the other bands on the tour. The Linkin Park tracks included Runaway from an unknown show and One Step Closer (feat. Aaron Lewis) from the Tacoma, WA show.

The CD also contained a track of Chester performing Wonderful with Stone Temple Pilots, labeled as a live track. Over the years, it has been confirmed that the performance is intentionally mislabeled as live, and was actually recorded in a studio.

An admin on Below Empty, a Stone Temple Pilots fansite says,

"As far as my records go, Wonderful was never performed live on the family values tour. There were a couple of acoustic pre-show or radio performances that STP did, but none of them ever featured Wonderful with Chester on additional vocals, according to fan reviews."

"I remember that at the time, the label wanted to release this song as a single. There was a lot of discussion about it in the fan community, because everyone thought this song was never performed with Chester. A lot of people will still say now that the recording was doctored in the studio. I am one of those people. I don't know if Chester's vocals were added later, but I definitely know that the crowd noise was added in the studio."

Our own LESTAT adds: "The song "Wonderful" by Stone Temple Pilots and Chester from the Family Values CD (released in 2002) is not a live track. It was completely recorded in the studio AFTER the Family Values tour and the crowd noise was added. It was confirmed by highly reliable source. I was hoping to get some more details on the subject, but no luck. During the interview with the Baltimore radio station in 2002 Scott said that the track was recorded during a pre-show acoustic set for radio contest winners. There were at least 3 acoustic radio sets in between Family Values shows, but none of them featured Chester. Interesting that during the Sacramento show Scott said that "Linkin Park and STP are putting a song together and it should be out fairly soon". It certainly doesn't sound like he was talking about releasing a live recording at that point. Also, there's not many recordings to confirm this as solid fact, but it looks like Scott first started to sing "Aaaahhh-Ahhh" over the solo somewhere in 2002 and it kinda confirms the fact that they came up with this version long after the Family Values tour. They planned to release the track as the lead single from the FV 2001 CD with some kind of music video, but the plans were scrapped."

Press releases from 2001 say...

- "STP's "Wonderful" will serve as the first single and will be sent next week to U.S. radio outlets for airplay consideration. A video treatment is being developed and may include live footage from the tour."

- "Although the group's "Wonderful" was originally scheduled to be the set's first single, Elektra has opted to send a sampler featuring various album tracks to U.S. radio outlets for airplay consideration."

- "STP decided to cancel the release of their single "Wonderful" which was going to feature a video w/ shots of Linkin Park. So sadly the video will be no more."


Itinerary (STP)


Name Job
Chris Gratton FVT Production
Rob McDermott Manager
Bob Dallas Tour Manager
John Lisk Production Manager
Jake Stras Security Director
Brad Divens FOH Engineer
Roger Pigman Monitor Engineer
Stefano DiBenedetto Drum Tech
Greg Howard Guitar Tech
Skip Payatt Bass Tech
Myron Settle Electronics
Joel Hendricks Merch
Chris Walker Band Bus #1
Tom McPhail Band Bus #2 (Studio Bus)
Tommy DeBernardo Crew Bus
John Adams Truck Driver

Source: Itinerary