European Tour 2003

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THe 2003 European Tour was a 9 show tour in support of Meteora that saw the band playing a mix of headlining shows and festivals, including Reading and Leeds.

European Tour 2003
Tour by Linkin Park
Associated album:Meteora
Start:August 20, 2003
End:September 9, 2003
Number of shows:9
Tour chronology
Summer Sanitarium 2003 European Tour 2003 Australian and Asian Tour 2003

Before the tour

Just under a week before the first show of the tour, Linkin Park performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, playing "Faint" and "Numb" for broadcast. After "Numb", the band played a short set for fans in attendance. Videos of "Faint" and "Don't Stay" from this show were included as enhanced content on the LP Underground 3.0 CD.


The band used the same setlist they used during the Summer Sanitarium 2003 tour, opening with "Don't Stay" and closing with "One Step Closer". The headlining shows on the tour added an encore break between "In The End" and "A Place For My Head".

The tour started on August 20th in Dublin as part of Reading Ireland and ended on September 9th in Lisboa. This tour was the first time the band played in multiple European countries, including Ireland, Czech Republic, and Portugal. The bulk of the shows on this tour were the band making up the European tour that got cancelled earlier that year due to Chester being hospitalized.

In the middle of the tour, Linkin Park was slated to perform at a couple awards shows: the Kerrang! Awards and the 2003 MTV Music Video Awards. At some point before the MTV Music Video Awards show, though, the band was taken off the list of performers. Instead, Chester (along with Pharrell), introduced Beyoncé for her performance.

Memorable Moments

The band's performance at Reading Ireland was considered by them the hardest show they've ever performed. The Metallica fans in the crowd repeatedly booed and bottled the band during their performance.

Linkin Park played "A.06" at the Kerrang! Awards due to fan request

At some point prior to the band's performance at Terremoto, Chester broke his left wrist. He wore a cast for the remainder of the tour.

Members of the other bands on the tour would frequently join Linkin Park on stage for "One Step Closer", including Mark Chavez from Adema, Redman, Dryden Mitchell from Alien Ant Farm, and Aaron Lewis from Staind.

Touring Bands


"Crawling" from Reading Festival was released on the "Breaking The Habit" CD single.


Name Job
Jim Digby Production Manager
Brad Divens FOH Engineer
Sean Paden Guitar Technician (Brad)
Mark Fiore Videographer