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Studio album by The Snax
Released 2000
Recorded 1999-2000
Label Screaming Giant Records
Producer Matt Wignall, The Snax
Snax studio album chronology

Run Joseph Run (1998) Snax (2000)

Snax is the second of two albums released by The Snax, Phoenix's former band.


Screaming Giant Records about the release says, ""The followup sophomore release by Orange County band, Snax (Formerly known as Tasty Snax). A former member has gone on to play with Linkin Park for more than a decade."


Snax was released on CD in 2000.

Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Where Are You Now? Snax 3:09
2 1:10 Snax 1:20
3 Better Off Snax 3:29
4 Pilgrim Snax 3:43
5 Away Snax 2:19
6 One More Snax 2:46
7 He Lifts Me Up Snax 3:59
8 New Trend Snax 3:02
9 Speechless Snax 3:01
10 Me Vs. Time Snax 2:32
11 Starting Over Snax 5:13
12 Redeemed Snax 5:51


  • Dave Farrell - Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Mark Fiore - Guitars, Vocals
  • Mark Keller - Drums
  • Ryan "Cheese" Maroney - Guitars, Vocals


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