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Origin Mission Viejo, California
Years active 1998 (1998)–2000
Labels Screaming Giant Records


The Snax were a Christian Ska Punk band out of Mission Viejo, California who toured in the late 1990's and featured current Linkin Park bassist, Dave "Phoenix" Farrell on bass. While attending high school, Dave joined the band (then known as Tasty Snax) and assumed the role of bass guitarist. Although Dave was trained in electric guitar, what the band sorely needed was a bass guitarist, so Phoenix opted to make the transition from the electric guitar, and has played bass ever since. The band later changed their name to Snax, from Tasty Snax, before the release of their second album under their self-titled band name.

Phoenix was a member of Xero, but took a leave of absence after Chester joined the band to fulfill his duties of touring with Snax. This is why Phoenix did not appear on Hybrid Theory, and he later rejoined Linkin Park just before the release of the album.

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