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"Aubrey One" is an instrumental demo created in 2009 during the A Thousand Suns sessions. The song can be seen in the LPTV episode for the "Iridescent" gang vocals on the song board with "Ammosick", "Dingleberry", "Iridescent", and "Primo." It was released in November 2014 on the LP Underground XIV CD.

On the LPU exclusive video "Track By Track With Brad - 1", released on January 23, 2015, Brad Delson said: "What's up? This is track-by-track with me, Big Bad Brad, and today we're talking about the newest and greatest offering from the LPU, the LPU 14 CD. The first track on this offering is a demo of a song called "Aubrey One". And this was a really incredible prolific creative time for the band. We started making music that was experimental in nature. So around that time we started making music really irrespective of song structure or the traditional format in which one would operate when recording demos for an album. It was really free form. The band was totally committed to do something purely based on the artistic mirror and the possibilities at our fingertips in the studio. I remember we played some of these for Rick just to get his feedback. He was really inspired by the kind of wilderness and radical experimentation going on and encouraged us really just to keep doing whatever we were doing. And ultimately these demos turned into the songs that made the album A Thousand Suns."


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Aubrey One (2009 Demo) LP Underground XIV 3:51 2009 November 21, 2014


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