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Song by Grey Daze
from the album ...No Sun Today
Released:May 23, 1997
Stems:Rock Band 4 (Amends Version)
Writer:Chester Bennington, Sean Dowdell
Producer:Michael Jones
...No Sun Today tracklist
  1. B12
  2. What's In The Eye?
  3. Drag
  4. Sickness
  5. In Time
  6. Just Like Heroin (A Little Down)
  7. Sometimes
  8. Hole
  9. The Down Syndrome
  10. Anything, Anything
  11. Soul Song
  12. Saturation

"Sickness" is the fourth track on Grey Daze's 1997 sophomore album ...No Sun Today. The song was released as the first single from the remix project Amends on February 6, 2020.[1][2]


"Sickness" was written sometime in late 1996 and recorded live in the studio by David Knauer and Mike Jones during the pre-production session for ...No Sun Today in December. That same month, Knauer was in a bad car accident so he had to move way from the project. The album version was produced by Jones.[3]

Amends Version (2020)

Grey Daze included "Sickness" on their 2020 album Amends, with re-recorded instrumentals and using older takes of Chester's vocals. The song features guest Page Hamilton of Helmet. It was produced by Pete Nappi.

The song addresses Chester's feeling of inadequacy and the unyielding emotions that come with it. Cristin Davis said, "It’s like an itch that can’t get scratched. It’s like you want something and you can’t ever seem to get enough of it." Sean Dowdell explained, "We had many conversations when he was alive, he just really wanted to be loved. I don’t think he ever really fully understood how much people loved him."[4]

In the Amends track-by-track with Apple Music, Sean said, "Page Hamilton [of Helmet] and Chester were good friends, so we brought him in to play on this track. When I look back and read the lyrics, I can't help but think that this song is about addiction. We did a bunch of interviews when Chester was alive, and I heard Chester tell the story of why he wrote the lyrics the way he did - about being a malcontent, about being empty. But when I read them, I think there's a subplot in there about addiction."[5]

Music Video

A music video for the Amends version of "Sickness" was directed by Nico Poalillo and Brandon Rottman and released on February 06, 2020. The video is "loosely based on a true story from when Chester was 15 years old", says Sean. "He was being bullied at school and one day suffered a real beating. That was the day I assumed a role as protector and almost older brother figure to Chester that has lasted since, even after his passing."[6]

Video Credits[7]

Director - Nico Poalillo
Director - Brandon Rottman

Director of Photography - Matt Bachelor
Producer - Rich Hutchins
Production Company: SixTwentySix Productions
Executive Producers: Austin Barbera & Jake Krask
Edit - FormerCo
Color - Jacob McKee

Female Actor - Janthivy Norton
Male Actor - Carrington Bornstein


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Sickness ...No Sun Today 2:45 1996-1997 May 23, 1997
Sickness ...No Sun Today 2:48 2002
  • Re-mixed by Sean Dowdell.
  • Released on LPAssociation for free download in M4A format on July 2, 2007.
Sickness "No Sun Today" Pre-Production Live Session December 03, 1996
  • Unreleased.
  • Recorded live at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences.
Sickness Amends 2:51 2017-2020 June 26, 2020
  • Featuring Page Hamilton of Helmet.
  • Produced by Pete Nappi.


"Sickness" was one of the band's favorite songs to play live.[8] It was performed opening their set in 1997.


Grey Daze

  • Guitar: Bobby Benish
  • Vocals: Chester Bennington
  • Bass: Mace Beyers
  • Drums / Backing vocals: Sean Dowdell


  • This record was recorded and mixed at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, Tempe, AZ (602) 858-9400
  • Produced by Michael Jones and Grey Daze
  • Engineered by Michael Jones and Ghery Fimbres
  • Assisted by Kelly "????" Gabler
  • Mastered by Andrew Garver at A&M Mastering Studios, Hollywood, CA


Album Version

I'm a whore and I'm feeling sorry for myself
In your arms and I am drowning like the child I was

I need more,can you help me?
Feed my sin, come and kill me
It's calling
Calling me

Endless skies falling freely down upon my head
So much for hopeless dreaming, frustration settles in

I need more, can you help me?
Feed my sin, come and kill me
It's calling
Calling me


In Other Media

  • The Amends version of "Sickness" was released on November 02, 2023 as a DLC for the 2015 videogame Rock Band 4.[9]

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