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From Linkinpedia
Song by Ramin Djawadi & Mike Shinoda
from the album Medal Of Honor: Warfighter
Released:September 25, 2012
Writer:Ramin Djawadi, Mike Shinoda
Producer:Ramin Djawadi, Mike Shinoda
Label:Electronic Arts Music, EA TM Recordings
Medal Of Honor: Warfighter tracklist
  1. For Rabbit
  2. Deploy
  3. NOC Out
  4. Lena's Theme
  5. Kit Up
  6. Restless Natives
  7. Blackbird On A Wire
  8. Bridge The Gap
  9. Saa'iq
  10. The Raid
  11. Force Multiplier
  12. Old Friend, New Foe
  13. Victory At Sea
  14. Resolve
  15. Green Light
  16. H.A.H.O.
  17. Medal Run
  18. For Mother
  19. Buzz In The Air
  20. Lena's Dream
  21. With Honors

"Saa'iq" is the ninth track on the Medal Of Honor: Warfighter original videogame soundtrack. Although most of the original score was composed by Ramin Djawadi, Mike Shinoda collaborated with him on this track.


Mike Shinoda collaborated with Ramin Djawadi in the creation of 2 out of 21 tracks that integrate the soundtrack of the 2012 videogame Medal Of Honor: Warfighter ("Saa'iq" being one of them). In the same month the collaboration was announced, Linkin Park started using a previous work of Djawadi's as an introduction the their shows, the "Game Of Thrones Theme".

In addition, Linkin Park, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter developer Danger Close, and special effects studio Digital Domain collaborated on a music video for "Castle Of Glass" featuring a mix of live action and gameplay from Medal Of Honor: Warfighter.[1] The song can also be heard during the game as well as "Lies Greed Misery".

The track features selections from "Castle Of Glass" and the sample bank of "Rygar" sounds.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Saa'iq Medal Of Honor: Warfighter 4:32 2012 September 25, 2012


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