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Out Of Time

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"Out Of Time"
Single by Stone Temple Pilots
from the album High Rise
Released:May 18, 2013
Writer:Chester Bennington, Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, Eric Kretz
Producer:Stone Temple Pilots
Label:Play Pen, LLC
Stone Temple Pilots single chronology
Between The Lines
Out Of Time
Black Heart
High Rise tracklist
  1. Out Of Time
  2. Black Heart
  3. Same On The Inside
  4. Cry Cry
  5. Tomorrow


"Out Of Time" was the very first song written by Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington. The song was released right after the band's surprise appearance at the KROQ Weenie Roast on May 18, 2013, where they also performed "Out Of Time" for the very first time. Following the performance, the song had its worldwide premier on KROQ, with a promotional "Out Of Time" teaser video being simultaneously released via the official Stone Temple Pilots YouTube channel.

Speaking to MusicRadar on October 15, 2013, Dean DeLeo explained how they started working together:

"We kind of did it a little backwards, actually [laughs]. We spoke with him on the phone, and we all agreed that we wanted to do this. The second thing we did is what we should have done first – we probably should have gotten in a room. But it's something I felt in my bones. I felt that it was going to be productive and creative.

Oh, goodness… My timeline isn't so great. I'd say it was a few weeks or maybe a month later, if that. The songwriting process started a little bit before that with the use of technology and kind of MP3ing each other ideas. When we got in a room together, Robert had already fooled around with a rough idea of Out Of Time. We came into the session and dove right into that."

He also explained how the song came together in an interview with ArtistDirect on August 27, 2013: "It came together like no other we've ever done in the sense that it was pretty much conceived on bass. Robert was in the market for a new old P Bass. He was looking at some early sixties P Basses. He had like three or four of them sent to his house. He picked this one up, and it was one of those "antenna moments" where the guitar just spoke. He basically wrote those riffs on bass. That's why the song is so riff-oriented because it was written on bass. We got together to do the song, and we all threw our two cents in and came up with the tune. Like no other song we've ever done, it was conceived on bass."

Robert DeLeo spoke to Loudwire on October 15, 2013, about what the song means to him:

"We started fresh. I think it was a good opportunity to really kind of drop the bags and pick up new and make this a new chapter of where we’re at. It’s always inspiring getting in a room with someone new, especially when it works. We just started doing our thing together man. That doesn’t always happen. I’ve been in rooms writing or producing and there is a chemistry that may or may not be there. It just felt like we were moving ahead doing our thing.

‘Out of Time’ was the first thing we put together and we did that, the recording and writing at my house here. In my studio here. That was just a dream come true to have everything come full circle. For me personally, there was a moment there where we were putting together some songs and I kind of had to stop and said, “Do you guys realize where we’re at right now?” They didn’t understand what I meant; we were down in a basement. We’re grown men and we’re in a basement. It took me back 35 years to when I was young and I guess when music bug hits us all, when we’re younger. It’s either the garage or the basement. Here we are coming full circle this many years later. We’re putting it together in my basement. It felt really cool, man. To be doing that. We had a good atmosphere about what we were putting together. It felt great.

It’s pretty humbling, man. I’m kind of laughing about it. My wife is, too. There were many times where I was like trust me, we’ll get a new bathroom soon, let me just build this studio. Trust me. Now it’s like, she kind of gets it now. Hey we did this here! It went to No. 1, that’s cool. Isn’t it?"


Music Video


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Out Of Time High Rise 3:04 May 2013-October 2013 October 8, 2013
  • Last chorus is doubled.
Out Of Time Out Of Time 3:10 May 2013-October 2013 May 18, 2013
  • Vocals aren't as produced as on the EP version. Especially noticeable during the chorus and the bridge.
  • Longer guitar feedback at the end.
  • Released on for free download on May 18, 2013 in MP3 format.
"Out Of Time" Alternate Solo memo:demo 0:40 2013 January 29, 2015


"Out Of Time" was the first new song Chester performed with Stone Temple Pilots, and the only song from High Rise to not be dropped from a live show. When performed live, the band usually performs it a whole step lower than the album version. It's live debut at Chester's first show with the band, at the KROQ Weenie Roast in 2013, was also it's worldwide debut, and was released as a single soon after the performance. It was performed mid-set, between "Sex Type Thing" and "Interstate Love Song". On the band's first full tour with Chester, the song was performed earlier in the set, fifth after" Dead & Bloated". In the few 2014 shows the band performed with Chester, the song was moved up to the seventh position of the set. In 2015, the song was performed right in the middle of the main set, between "Big Bang Baby" and "Heaven & Hot Rods". The band's last tour featured the song in essentially the same position, but instead between "Lounge Fly" and "Heaven & Hot Rods".




Album Version


Longing is the animal inside you when you bleed
Suffering is critical in finding what you need
Deliverance is evidence there's more than what you say
Pain is there the moment that you wake up from your dreams

Oh oh oh, I know you can't tithe
Oh oh oh, when you look inside yourself
You gotta cross that line
Yeah, you're running out of time

Loneliness is beautiful, it leads you home again
Happiness is overrated, joy is infinite
Liberate the hate you feel before it's permanent
Smile when it hurts, it works like mother's medicine

Oh oh oh, I know you can't tithe
Oh oh oh, when you look inside yourself
You gotta to cross that line
Yeah, you're running out of time

You gotta to learn your lesson to see what you've been missing
You gotta to cross that line

Yeah, you gotta look inside
Yeah, it's time that you decide
Yeah, you gotta cross that line
Yeah, you're running out of time


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