Lincoln Car Ad Demo

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"Lincoln Car Ad Demo"
Song by Dead By Sunrise
Working title:DBS #1 JAN 10 DEMO
Recorded:January 2008

"Lincoln Car Ad Demo" is an unfinished song created by Dead By Sunrise for a scrapped collaboration with Ford Motor Company's luxury vehicle division Lincoln.


Anthony "Fu" Valcic wrote about the track:

"I'm going to guess this was around 2009 or 10. Dead By Sunrise was asked to submit for a new TV ad for the car brand Lincoln. You know, one of those those car ads speeding and spinning out in the desert salt flats with the "professional driver on a closed closure" disclaimer. So it had to have that energy.

A few ideas were kicked around, and this is one that actually had some cool vocals on it at one point, but I remember Chester having second thoughts about the whole project and making me erase them. Actually could have been a cool DBS song, no?"

The track name in the file is "DBS #1 JAN 10 DEMO", meaning the demo was created in January 10. This is supported by the encoded date of the file which is January 11, 2008.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Lincoln Car Ad Demo 3:26 January 2008