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LPTV and LPUTV master list.


Season 1

Starting around February 17, 2003, Linkin Park aired through their official website linkinpark.com a weekly series called LPTV focusing on the creation process of their second studio album Meteora. Ten episodes were released in total with a varying length of 5 to 8 minutes.

01. The Writing Process
02. Studio I
03. Rock The Mullet
04. The Studio II
05. The Vocals
06. Making Of Somewhere I Belong
07. Meteora Photo Shooting
08. Sound In Studio
09. Meteora Art
10. Last Repetition Before Concert

Season 2

01. LPU Tour (+ Extended Version)
02. Projekt Revolution '03 (+ Extended Version)
03. Summer Sanitarium (+ Extended Version)
04. Europe '03 (+ Extended Version)
05. Australia, Asia '03 (+ Extended Version)
06. Meteora '04 (+ Extended Version)
07. Europe, Asia '04 (+ Extended Version)
08. Projekt Revolution '04 (+ Extended Version)
09. Laurel House (+ Extended Version)
10. Japan '06 (+ Extended Version)
11. Art Show And Drum Studio (+ Extended Version)
12. Salton Sea (+ Extended Version)
13. Making Of What I've Done (+ Extended Version)
14. The Making Of Minutes To Midnight (+ Extended Version)
15. Minutes To Midnight Album Release (+ Extended Version)
16. KROQ Interview
17. SEA Tour 2007
18. Europe 2008
19. US Tour 2008
20. Making Of 'We Made It'
21. Europe Projekt Revolution 2008
22. Glorious Excess Art Show
23. Making Of Leave Out All The Rest
24. Projekt Rev 2008 - Week 1
25. Projekt Rev 2008 - Week 2
26. Projekt Rev 2008 - End Of Tour

Season 3

01. What's To Come LPTV 2009
02. Creating New Divide
03. Mike's Valiant Effort
04. SURU's Celeritas Art Show
05. Glorious Excess (Dies)
06. Chester Plays Let Down
07. Chester Wraps Vocals
08. Dead By Sunrise's First Full Show
09. Glorious Excess (Dies) - The Opening
10. Dead By Sunrise On Jimmy Kimmel Live
11. LPU 9 Promo Video
12. MSDC X SURU Signing
13. New Website
14. Download To Donate For Haiti
15. LP Part Of My Life
16. LPTV 2010 Preview & Dead By Sunrise In Japan
17. Mike Discusses 8-Bit Rebellion!
18. Exclusive LPU 8-Bit Rebellion! Testing Event
19. 8-Bit Rebellion! Available Now
20. Music For Relief Green Home Build

Season 4

01. 14.09.2010
02. Linkin Park, Featuring You
03. Something New
04. Linkin Park, Featuring You Winner
05. Chester Records Vocals For The Catalyst
06. Blackout Freestyle
07. Chester's Lullaby
08. Meeting Of A Thousand Suns Trailer
09. Megaphone Brad
10. Waiting For The End, The Stockroom
11. Iridescent Gang Vocals
12. LPTV - Non-Edible
13. International LPU Summit
14. Making Of 'Waiting For The End' Music Video
15. LPUX Teaser
16. LPTV - South American Tour
20. LPTV - European Tour 2010
21. LPTV - International LPU Summit In London
22. LPTV - Middle East 2010
23. LPTV - Australian Tour 2010
24. LPTV - Recording The Messenger
25. LPTV - North American Tour 2011
26. LPTV - North American Tour, Part 2
27. LPTV - Making Of The Burning In The Skies Video
28. LPTV - North American Tour, Part 3
29. Linkin Park And Transformers 3 - First Look
30. LPTV - Iridescent Rehearsals
31. LPTV - Making Of The Iridescent Video
32. LPTV - European Tour 2011, Part 1
33. LPTV - European Tour 2011, Part 2
34. LPTV - European Tour, Part 3
35. Secret Show For Japan
36. Linkin Park Visit Ishinomaki City With Save The Children
37. Power The World
38. Power The World - Give Light
39. LPTV - Asia Tour 2011, Part 1
40. LP Underground 11
41. LPTV - Asia Tour 2011, Part 2

Season 5

01. Linkin Park - Living Things - 06.26.12
02. Burn It Down NBA Playoffs On TNT Promo (Feat. Linkin Park)
03. LPTV - Buried At Sea (Part 1)
04. LPTV - Buried At Sea (Part 2)
05. LPTV - 360 Body Scan
06. LPTV - Album Cover
07. LPTV - Making Of The "Burn It Down" Music Video (Part 1)
08. LPTV - Making Of The "Burn It Down" Music Video (Part 2)
09. LPTV - Photo Shoot
10. LPTV - Piledriver
11. LPTV - Apaches - Battle Axe
12. LPTV - Roads Untraveled
13. LPTV - 2012 European Tour, Part 1
14. LPTV - 2012 European Tour, Part 2
15. LPTV - 2012 European Tour, Part 3
16. LPTV - 2012 European Tour, Part 4
17. LPTV - Honda Civic Tour, Part 1
18. LPTV - Honda Civic Tour, Part 2
19. LPTV - Linkin Park Gets A New Guitarist
20. LPTV - Phoenix Searches For A Spirit Animal
21. LPTV - Making The Castle Of Glass Video
22. LPTV - LP In Mexico: Breed Crows And They Will Take Out Your Eyes
23. Linkin Park Vs Anderson Silva In Brazil
24. Music Gets Us Through
25. Castle Of Glass Rehearsals And Spike VGA Performance
26. LPTV - Mike Visits Haiti
27. LPTV - Linkin Park Down Under
28. LPTV - You're A Legend
29. LPTV - Going Old School: The Guys Pass Out Flyers For Their Show
30. Soldier In Repose
31. Linkin Park x Steve Aoki - A Light That Never Comes (trailer) #LPRecharge
32. Mike Shinoda and Steve Aoki Discuss "A Light That Never Comes"
33. LP Recharge Recruitment - Coming September 12th
34. LP Recharge Video Mix
35. LP Recharge Band Avatars
36. LPTV - Sunset Strip Takeover
37. LPTV - Just Getting Started (A Light That Never Comes Behind The Scenes)
38. LP Recharge for Social Good
39. LPTV - Victorious (A Light That Never Comes Behind The Scenes)
40. LPTV - Who Sent Who? (A LIght That Never Comes Behind The Scenes)
41. LP Recharge Event at Microsoft Loft
42. LPTV - Linkin Park x Steve Aoki x Tokyo (Asia Tour Part 1)
43. LPTV - The Best Party (Asia Tour Part 2)
44. LPTV - Living Things Finale (Asia Tour Part 3)
45. LPTV - Concert For The Philippines

Season 6

01. Behind the Scenes of Linkin Park's "Guilty All The Same" (feat. Rakim)
02. LPTV - Haiti Srs Clinton Foundation
03. The Hunting Party - 6.17.14
04. The Hunting Party - Photo Shoot
05. LPTV - LPU Sessions @ Red Bull Studios : Change by Beta State
06. The Hunting Party: 6.17.14 - Extended Trailer
07. Chester and Mike Discuss "The Hunting Party" - Part 1
08. Chester and Mike Discuss "The Hunting Party" - Part 2
09. LPTV: Road To Download
10. LPTV: Msking Of Until It's Gone
11. LPTV: 2014 Europe Tour - Part 1
12. LPTV: 2014 Europe Tour - Part 2
13. Linkin Log #1: Mike's First Carnivores Tour Vlog
14. LPTV: Making Of Final Masquerade
15. Linkin Log #2: Mike's Second Carnivores Tour Vlog
16. Linkin Log #3: Carnivores Tour
17. Linkin Log #4: "Ask Brad" Edition (Carnivores Tour)
18. Linkin Log #5: Beat Making Demo
19. LPTV: 2014 Europe Tour - Part 3
20. Linkin Log #6: Basketball Q&A
21. Linkin Log #7: End Of Carnivores Tour
22. LPTV: Carnivores Tour - Part 1
23. LPTV: Carnivores Tour - Part 2
24. LPTV: Carnivores Tour - Part 3
25. LPTV: Beast Astray Art Show
26. LPTV: Carnivores Tour - Part 4
27. LPTV: Brazil 2014



Brads Video Journal
Milan Jet Lag
One Step Closer In Paris
LPU Tour In Europe
Summer Sanitarium Tour
From The Inside Video Shoot
Referral Contest
Brad & Phoenix Welcome
Brad and Phoenix on Album
Making of Wth>You Video
Mike on Reanimation
Stephen Richards
LP Q and A: Mike
LP Q and A: Joe
LP Q and A: Rob
LP Q and A: Phoenix
Brad's Road Diary
Chester's Road Diary
Mike's Road Diary
Phoenix's Road Diary
Rob's Road Diary


LPU 3.0 Enhanced Content
Lying From You Meteora World Tour
Scoreboard Hahn
Restricted Access
Happy Cockroach
No Chance Of Rain
Pinball Wizard
Collision Course Preview In LA
Collision Course Preview In NYC
My December


Me Time
LP At Barnes And Noble
Mike On Music For Relief
Chester In Thailand
Chester In Thailand Part 2
Chester In Thailand Part 3
Live 8
Games By Rob And Brad
Yo Adrian!
The Seed Day 1
The Seed Day 2
The Seed Day 3
Club Tattoo Part 1
Club Tattoo Part 2
Club Tattoo Part 3
Bowl Of Cherrios
Favorite Page


Mike Sweat
"It's Goin' Down" Live In Japan
Chester Of Linkin Park Performs With Fort Minor


Birthday Bowl
TP War
Petrucio The Pinata
The Perfect Tapas
Japanese Present Experiment
Linkin Park Puppets
First Class Traveling
Batting Cages
Unicorn Of Power
Monkey Mike
Linkin Park Wardrobe
Cupholders Of Doom
The Promotion
Projekt Revolution 2007 Teaser
Projekt Revolution Rehearsal
Bleed It Out Video Shoot Part 1
Bleed It Out Video Shoot Part 2
Bleed It Out Video Shoot Part 3
Projekt Revolution Live CD
Ping Pong Camera
Drum Solo
KROQ Breakfast
LP VS. WBR Soccer Match
PR07 Revolution Stage
Phoenix Meet & Greet
Mike's Shirt
XBox Challenge
Projekt Revolution 2007
Chester's Hometown
Halo Meet & Greet
Tampa Storm
PR07 Wrap Up
Revolution Village
The Wall
Malaysia Pre-Sale Event
Chester Interview
Interview With Mike


Happy Perth Day
Signed It Twice
Football & Pasta
Live In Soho
Exclusive Seed Chat
Making Of "We Made It"
Making Of The LOATR Video
On The Green
Glorious Excess (Born)


Unicorns & Lollipops
Phoenix In Moscow
Linkin Park In Venice
Remote Control Toilet
Rob In Balloonia
Balloon Crawl
New Divide Video Shoot
New Divide Video Shoot Part 2
Bass Toss
More Than Meets The Eye
Foosball Paint
Dead By Sunrise, They're A Gas
Rob’s Revenge


Phoenix Is #17 of 1000
34.8 Day Of Music
8-Bit Rebellion Testing Event
Dual By Sunrise
One Step Closer To 8-Bit Rebellion!
8-Bit Rebellion! Characters
Tribal Chef
A Burden And A Privilege
Shhhhadow Of The Day
Tesla Park
Happy Birthday Joe
LP Fans Are In Tents
A Wind Thing
World Record


Lonely At The Top
Pay Yo Respektz
LPU Summit In Sydney
Name A Song
Call Waiting
I Think We're Alone Now
Joe's Video Chat
LPU Summit In Chicago
Making Of The Iridescent Music Video
Moscow Announcement Bloopers
Iridescent Warm Ups
LPU Summit In Hamburg
Summit Chat With Phoenix
Iridescent American Girl
Waiting For The Hahn
LPU Summit Tokyo
Mayan Doogie Howser

LPU 11

Soul With Which It Burns
LPU 11 Promo
Team Building
More Cow Bell
Ice Bath For Eyeballs
LPU Chat With Brad - March 2, 2012
Rhymes With Orange
Balancing Joe
Me, Joe
Linkin Park Announce House of Blues Show in LA
Double Viddy
That's What She Said
Chevy Chase
Phoenix Farrell Vampire Hunter
Anytime You're Ready
Bucharest For My Head
Ballerina Joe
"In My Remains" LPU Ensemble

LPU 12

Linkin Park Underground 12 (Official Trailer)
LPU Summit In Cape Town
Rio Warm Up... Kind Of
They Will Not Let Us Leave This Place
Brad Gives Juggling Lesson
Castle Of Glass Rehearsal
Club Tattoo Meet & Greet
Auckland Summit
SSMF Guitar Soldier
Auckland Butter Knife
Sydney Ted Ted Ted
Perth Jam 1, Xero Reborn
Perth Jam 2, Ska Na Noi
Perth Jam 3, Hey Ho
Auckland Q&A


LPU XIII Official Trailer
LPU Chat With Mark Fiore
LPU Sessions: Ryan Giles
Electric Ucalaly
I Don't Care
Ugly Girl
Rockin Man
All Day Long
Meet The Master
Christopher Walken
Mortal Kombat
MTV EMA - Best Rock Speech
Push Off
Cheers - North Carolina
Drone School


Smells Like Cologne
LPU XIV Track-by-Track with Brad Part 1
LPU XIV Track-by-Track with Brad Part 2
LPU XIV Track-by-Track with Brad Part 3
Name That Tune
Spongebob Sing A Long
Orlando : One Step Closer
Nashville Meet & Greet
LPU Exclusive - Chester's Greatest Hits
Orgin Of The Hunting Party / Carnivores LPU
Huddle Huddle Already
The Hunting Party First Look
Thanksgiving Lyrics
Odyssey Drums
LPU Chat With Brad - 5/23/2015
True Chainz Chester Vocals
True Chainz Gang Vocals
Crutch Blackout
River City Rockfest - Bass Guitar
Give Me Back What's Mine
Chester's Ankle
LPU Chat With Chester - 6/16/2015
FM Welcome - Painting
FM Welcome - VR360
FM Welcome - Barricade
Darker Than Blood
Spanish Lesson
Guitar Auction

LPU 15

LPU 15 Track By Track - Animals (2011 Demo)
LPU 15 Track By Track - TooLeGit (2010 Demo)
LPU 15 Track By Track - Basil (2008 Demo)
LPU 15 Track By Track - Pods (1998 Demos)
LPU 15 Track By Track - Chance Of Rain (2006 Demo)
LPU 15 Track By Track - Grudgematch (2009 Demo)
Europe Tour - Joe Punking Warren
Drumstick Secret With Rob
LPU 15 Track By Track - Hurry (1999 Demo)
Marcia Marcia Marcia
LPU 15 Fan Trailer
LPU 15 Track By Track - Grr (1999 Demo)
Monster Mash "Zombified"
Monster Mash "Not Feeling Well"
Monster Mash "Papercut Live"
LPU 15 Track By Track - Attached (2003 Demo)
Studio Update #6 (Part 1)
Studio Update #6 (Part 2)
Studio Update #6 (Part 3)
LPU 15 Track By Track - Chair (1999 Part Of Me Demo)
Tape Echo Echo

LPU Sixteen

Mike Shinoda Tracking Vocals For "Heavy"
Rob And Mike Track The Final Drums For "Heavy"
Behind The Scenes With Rob And Mike



A high energy look at what's in Linkin Park's rider
Linkin Park does a rare sound check
See a Linkin Park show from drummer Rob Bourdon's viewpoint
What does Linkin Park do to warm up before a show?
VIP Backstage Experience with Linkin Park
A tour of Mike Shinoda's guitar gear
Linkin Park's Dave "Phoenix" Farrell shows off his golf swing
Linkin Park's 'In the End' live in concert
View the Sleep Train Amphitheatre from Mike Shinoda's drone
Linkin Park 4x12: 'Final Masquerade' (live from Carnivores Tour)
Brad Delson of Linkin Park names a guilty pleasure
Joe Hahn's favorite toys and video games
Linkin Park 4x12: 'Waiting for the End' (live from Carnivores Tour)
Linkin Park 4x12: 'Given Up' (live from Carnivores Tour)
Linkin Park's backstage tea party…during the show!
Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda says this is his favorite food on tour
A tour of Brad Delson's guitar gear
Mike Shinoda reveals the clip that was cut from 'Keys to the Kingdom'
Linkin Park performs 'Numb' live on the Carnivores Tour
Linkin Park 4x12: 'Guilty All the Same' (live from Carnivores Tour)
Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda on relationships within the band
Why is Linkin Park's Chester Bennington always tired?
Linkin Park's Chester Bennington talks about his daily rituals
Ricky Steelman meets Linkin Park!
Linkin Park visited Magdalena Bay to see the Mangroves Conservation Project
Linkin Park Hunting Party Tour VIP Experience
Linkin Park's Chester and Mike warm up their voices before a show
Win a Chance to Get Caked and Hang with Steve Aoki and Linkin Park
How does Linkin Park's Brad Delson sign autographs?
Linkin Park's 4x12 (four live songs recorded during 12 concerts)
Linkin Park jams like you've never seen them before
Connect with Linkin Park on Chideo
Chester Bennington shows what Linkin Park does during the drum solo
How did Linkin Park's Chester Bennington feel before his first show ever
Linkin Park: "Wretches and Kings/Remember the Name" segment
What does Linkin Park's Brad Delson do with his free time
Help Linkin Park support Music for Relief
Ask Linkin Park questions on Chideo
Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda says this is his favorite food on tour

ATS Snipets

Linkin Park - Plug It In
Linkin Park - Drum Roll Please
Linkin Park - Outcast Boy
Linkin Park - New Sounds
Linkin Park - Push It Back Down
Linkin Park - It Can't Be Outrun, No
Linkin Park - Strange Noises
Linkin Park - That's Not Gonna Happen
Linkin Park - Deadlines


Epicenter Message From Mike
Linkin Park Announce House Of Blues Show In LA
Linkin Park Announce Secret Show In LA
Linkin Park Announce Venue For Secret Show
Linkin Park Announces 2011 'A Thousand Suns' North American Tour
A Thousand Suns - World Tour 2011 Preview
A Thousand Suns World Tour 2011
Linkin Park To Perform At Transformers - Dark Of The Moon Premiere In Moscow
LPU Announces New Membership Features
Linkin Park Announce Secret Show In LA
Secret Show For Japan - Last Chance
LP Viddy Impersonate Contest
Special Announcement About Medal Of Honor Warfighter
Lotus F1 Team & Linkin Park Present The World First F1 Rock Experience


South America 2010
Happy Holidays From Linkin Park
Middle East 2010
Making Of The "Waiting For The End" Music Video
US Tour 2011, Part 1
Studio Stomp
Sticky Pick
Balancing Brad
Shut Up When I'm Talking To You
The New LP Album... "MeatyOkra"
End Of Video Wink
LP Viddy Impersonate Contest
No Idea
This Is My Favorite
Handsome Guy
Mike On Scoring The Raid
On Track
"Burn It Down" Coming April 16
Happy 1st Birthday, Viddy
How's The Writing Coming?
I Hope You Like The New Record.
Ruff Day
Tea Cups
The Race To The Stage. Rock In Rio Festival.
Rehearsing For Tour
@m_shinoda ... killing time backstage.
Getting the word out about the Sunset Strip Music Festival... One flyer at a time.


Chester Interview
Interview With Mike
Favorite Page
Linkin Park And Music For Relief On SocialVibe
Linkin Park MTV EMA Acceptance Speech
LIVING THINGS Sonos Studio Listening Party With Mike Shinoda
LP Widget
LPTV 2010 Preview & Dead By Sunrise In Japan
LPTV Myspace Exclusive Part 1
LPTV Myspace Exclusive Part 2
Mike's Exclusive LPUX Membership Package Drawing
Music For Relief - Japan Shirts Designed By Mike Shinoda
Malaysia Pre-Sale Event
NZ - Australia Tour
Phoenix LP Undergroung
Phoenix Visits Haiti With Music For Relief
Pro Tools 8: Mike In The Studio
Projekt Revolution Tips
Projekt Revolution 2008 - Back Stage
Projekt Revolution 2008 - Catering
Projekt Revolution 2008 - Front Of House
Projekt Revolution 2008 - Revolution Stage
Projekt Revolution 2008 - Press Day
Projekt Revolution 2008 - Setting The Stage
Projekt Revolution 2008 (Trailer)
Red Carpet Correspondent At The World Premiere Of Transformers 3
Road To Revolution Premiere Contest
Road To Revolution Premier
He's Trying To Kill Me
Live From Minutes To Midnight...
Reporting Live From Webster Hall In New York City
LPTV At The Meet And Greet...



Project Revolution Video Diaries

Brad's Road Diary
Chester's Road Diary
Mike's Road Diary
Phoenix's Road Diary
Rob's Road Diary

Dead By Sunrise Myspace Exclusive Videos

Dead By Sunrise - Coming Soon
Dead By Sunrise - Album Trailer
Dead By Sunrise - The Beginning
A Deep Look Inside Dead By Sunrise's "Out of Ashes"
Dead By Sunrise - Writing "Out Of Ashes"
Dead By Sunrise - Making Of The "Crawl Back In" Video
Tracking "Too Late" With Howard Benson
Dead By Sunrise Photo Shoot