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Freestyle (Trek Life Song)

From Linkinpedia
Song by Trek Life
from the album Keep The Receipt
Released:September 18, 2005
Format:Digital, CD
Producer:Kevin Sakoda
Label:Timeless Music
Keep The Receipt tracklist
  1. All Times
  2. Soul Elevation ("Got Luv" Timeless Remix) feat. Taquan
  3. Freestyle feat. Audio-Live & Amad Jamal (Intro by Mike Shinoda)
  4. DJ Primetime Freestyle (Intro by Champ MC)
  5. Big Picture
  6. Mind Right
  7. Hard Work
  8. Freestyle feat. Mykestro
  9. Get It feat. Silo (Intro by Bishop Lamont)
  10. Crazy Heat feat. Planet Asia & Spontaneous
  11. Doin Em Wrong
  12. I'm Gone
  13. Maintain Excellence (Intro by Just Beats)
  14. Hold Me Down feat. Champ & Kes
  15. Talk Trek & Beyond Interlude 1
  16. Hard Work Kev Sakoda Remix
  17. Simple (Maintain Excellence Pt 2) (Intro by Crush One & Blest)
  18. We Still Here feat. Silo (Intro by John)
  19. Brand New (Intro by Silo)
  20. Talk Trek & Beyond Interlude 2
  21. Intelligence As A Threat feat. Silo & Aloe Blacc (Intro by Aloe Blacc)
  22. Move.Meant ("Good Money" Remix) feat. Angie Stoned
  23. One Idea
  24. Talk Trek & Beyond Interlude 3
  25. Never Again
  26. Champs Hateration Outro

"Freestyle" is the third track on the 2005 mixtape Keep The Receipt by West Coast rapper Trek Life. The song is a freestyle featuring rappers Audio-Live (credited as A-Life) and Amad Jamal. It starts with a voicemail recorded by Mike Shinoda.


Trek Life was in Mike Shinoda's "Watchlist" from March 2005.[1] In October he gave Trek Life a shout out during an interview to HipHopSite.[2] Trek Life had recently released a mixtape called Keep The Receipt which was available at his MySpace.[3] The mixtape was arranged and mixed by Kevin Sakoda (credited as Kev Sakoda) and marketed as a prequel to Trek Life's debut album Price I've Paid.[4] Sakoda also produced multiple tracks for Trek Life, including "Freestyle". He worked in marketing for Warner Bros. Records until 2004 and was involved with Linkin Park since Hybrid Theory.[5]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Freestyle Keep The Receipt 2:49 2005 September 18, 2005
  • Features vocals by Mike Shinoda, Audio-Live, Amad Jamal.


Album Version

What up ladies and gentlemen. You are tuned into the sounds of Trek Life, working hard over here in the city of angels. My name is Mike Shinoda, I'm coming at you straight out of Fort Minor. Big shoutout to my man Kevin Sakoda. Kev, keep the receipt big boy, peace!

I got a little bit of something that anybody that wanted can have
I'm the illest nigga you know and if want it, then ask
And now I’m beatin' it up, more than glad
'Cause you know I'm so fly walkin' around with a boarding pass
And I'm definitely forgin' pass
Every single one of these lame borin' ass
Emcees claim they "Do it for the Love and it’s more than cash"
With a constant allure of ass
On the real, I just gotta laugh (Ahahaha)
‘Cause all I see is a wholе lot of rappers that's just spitting a whole lotta trash
No skill with a lot of flash
Oh, but what you seeing is what you get with me, this is not a mask
I'm focused where I need to get
I know the quality of flows that I need to spit
Yo, so this here’s what Imma leave you with
“Why in the world would I quit with skills like this?”

(The size of?) time that I use with my (?) to bill,
like my mind is the sky and the forecast ill
No time to chill
You see these trees don’t sleep (Uh-huh)
Predators start preying like wolfs sheep (Yeah)
Talk is cheap
In a world filled with action
When polka dots killed the crew made of fashion (Uh-huh)
Niggas are past ill claimin' assassin
And real recognize the reel without askin'
Slicker than streets with first random beat
Three square meals but hungry like a nig don't eat
Most are outta shape, when our lyrical track meets
I got a mic with a trigger, startin' to diss that heat
Plus my poppa was a Rolling Stone, oh fo’ sho’
Nigga can walk pass my ass and I wouldn’t even know
I-I guess that’s why in the past I run
But feel at home in the (?) video (ohhh)

Like the true king of funk,
I diagonally murder rappers off with grammatically correct lines
And padding your tragedy like Tech9's (lies?)
Hey there, innocent bystanders increasing a rhymes standard
It's the rap highland, do you wanna plan it?
Understanding it, competition and skill, specially if that competition is you
We expandin' and demandin' every city rockin' every venue
When one of us is to gets richer, blow the whistle, it’s official!
We tried with (Oh) that old world rap, Cali bland
Handling the bat and pen with the greatest of ease
My words, but who would do the wire, like a ill trapeze?
Here to shake up you’re environment like bull stampedes
So, never dare to test, please stop it (?) face the rap dreams of beats on every block
If your neighbourhood is clean why the cryin' don't stop?
I'll spit this shit with you here where street lights can talk
Gotta tell two series inside of me, one gritty one grimy, one shitty with a pretty economy
I'm like the blue pill talk, only if you’re ready to drive me, if not, you can die for walking blindly

(Ohhhh nananana for you)

Where we got started was one time I was on my chair at work and we thought about track.
Talking track. It’s a lot of fuss, that thing we do a lot of. (ahaha)
So we decided it would be a great radio show.


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