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Fort Minor Medley

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The "Fort Minor Medley" is a live medley performed by Fort Minor in 2005 and 2006 during concerts.


The "Fort Minor Medley" is an extensive mashup of several verses from Fort Minor and Styles Of Beyond tracks.

The title on the Fort Minor setlists was simply "Medley" and the name "Fort Minor Medley" comes from LPLive giving it a title to differentiate it from other medleys in the live guide. From its debut concert at Pukkelpop 2005[1] to its last appearance in 2006, it was always just called "Medley" on show setlists.

In order, the medley consists of the following: An original verse by Mike, a little over half of Tak's verse from "Respect 4 Grandma" by Fort Minor, Ryu's first verse from "You Lose" by Styles Of Beyond, a DJ Cheapshot break, half of Ryu's first verse from "Megadef" by Styles Of Beyond, half of Tak's first verse from "Megadef", a second original verse by Mike, a second DJ Cheapshot cut up, Tak's first verse from "Bleach" by Styles Of Beyond, Ryu's same verse from "You Lose" again, Tak's second verse from "Bleach", and Ryu's second verse from "Bleach."

When introducing the song at the Fort Minor Club Tattoo 2006 show, Mike asked who liked the following artists, giving an indication of what some of the sampled beats could be from: Snoop Dogg's first album, Tha Alkaholiks, Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, and Boogie Down Productions.[2]

The break after Ryu's verse from "You Lose" by Styles of Beyond when Fort Minor does the "yeah, and you don't stop" bit comes from Snoop Dogg's "G Funk" track.

When asked who some of his biggest hip hop influences were, Mike said, "I would say Boogie Down Productions. I loved By All Means Necessary. That was my shit. There was N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton. It Takes A Nation of Millions by Public Enemy, Recently, I've been listening to the D.O.C.'s No One Can Do It Better and Wu-Tang's first album [Enter the 36 Chambers]. There's a feel in certain albums when they come out. They got a unique identity. It's consistent and you know the artist is really true to who they are and where they come from. When I was doing my Fort Minor record, I definitely wanted to make that same kind of statement, make it unique and it helps me listening to other albums where the artists are in that type of mind frame."[3]


The "Fort Minor Medley" debuted mid-set at the band's first show at Pukkelpop 2005, remaining in that general spot after "Mr. Brown" until the end of 2006, when Fort Minor went on hiatus. It's uncertain if the song was played at Summer Sonic 2006, but it is very likely that it was. The "Medley" has not been performed live since 2006.


Live Version
    • [MIKE VERSE]

This is the last time I'm telling you, we got that shit
Cuz the clock's already ticking and the fuse is lit
So this summer, when we run up on your dickless clique
Get back to the bar quick and make room in this bitch
I go by Mike, resident beat banger, I'm ??? (fitted/pinning/?)
Keep the show rolling, flowing present is the sentence
No stranger to anger, ???
Fuck an image, I'm a menace 'til my timeline's finished

    • [TAK VERSE, 'Respect 4 Grandma' by FM]

You ready, let's get it
The game's now finished
Assault weapons to aim, with a thousand rounds in it (BANG)
Machine Shop class, mixtape lynchmen
Clappin' at you track rabbits, back to the benches (yeah)
People fiend this, call me the Evil Genius
Got 'em bumpin' Styes in the Buick Regal, speedin'
Brim with a tilt, cigar in my clutch
You cryin' over spilt milk
Demigodz, what's up? (come on)

    • [RYU VERSE, 'You Lose' by S.O.B]

You know it's on, you can check my grin
Every song got bumps like infected skin
I don't got big trucks with expensive rims
I got five bucks till my check comes in
I can show you real quick what offensive is
Touch my fat and beg till you suck my tits
In the front row pissin' on a bunch of kids
You betta damn well know who the fuck this is


    • [RYU VERSE, 'Megadef' by S.O.B]

Welcome to the Megadef, step at your own risk
Seven bucks a pop, you fuckin' with known pimps
The real no nonsense, click conquer and kill (uh)
I'm so swass it hurts to piss
You ain't shit, but you talk it
Off my deals
And cook six inch sausage
Open your grill
I get crazy jock itch, thanks a mil
You got the whole world hooked on some wake up pills

    • [TAK VERSE, 'Megadef' by S.O.B]

Back to basics now, 818 crown
Yeah, the same style that's slayin' 'em face down
With the record that'll splatter you quicker than six paint guns
Straight for the jugular, where you suckers can take one
Yes, we hella fresh, but (what?)
Never forget where the fuck we came from
The raw shit gutter and clap guns together
We rush whenever the mic is touched, WHAT

    • [MIKE VERSE]

Got no excuse, I'm living as proof
What I'm telling you is as true as the chip in my tooth
I'm sicker than you bickering bitches, whip you with words
Licking my lips to savor the flavor of my verbs
You heard right motherfucker, I'm still hard to swallow
A tough act to follow, like a Goldschlager bottle
And while you're getting ready to drop
I'm running game like Mills Lane, just calling the shots
Let's get a gallon of some metaphors and synonyms
And print 'em in a notebook and then spread 'em in the gentlemen's
And put 'em on CD and put 'em in the bin again
And VJ's and DJ's can grin when they spinning them
So take it easy, kick back and relax
Ryu's buzzing on bud, Tak's done with that Jack
So better not make a move without thinking it through
Pay attention, Cheapshot's gonna cut it for you (alternate: "Cheapshot's on the 1's and 2's")


    • [TAK VERSE, 'Bleach' by S.O.B]

Swing the sword for the classic year
Bring the noise with your hands up, slash and tear
You can't, fathom asthma, dash for air
Spittin' on the baby bib in the plastic chair
What's up stupid? (shoot this)
1-5-1 in the shot glass (hot flash)
Bangin' on the drum, huh
We cause havoc down in Los Vegas
Paper trails racing Pelican Briefcases
We outrageous, name the streets gave us
Yeah we got fame, but now we heat blazers

    • [RYU VERSE, 'You Lose' by S.O.B., REPRISE]

You know it's on, you can check my grin
Every song got bumps like infected skin
I don't got big trucks with expensive rims
I got five bucks till my check comes in
I can show you real quick what offensive is
Touch my fat and beg till you suck my tits
In the front row pissin' on a bunch of kids
You betta damn well know who the fuck this is

    • [TAK VERSE, 'Bleach' by S.O.B]

Malpractice, a bang-all jam
I joust rappers and track in the radar scans
Flip beats for the crew like fleets and platoons
Reach for the moon like Reese Witherspoon, huh
Don't stop the sure-shot, the rooftop anthem
Blast the go-bots, cock back the cannon
What's up partna? I got ya (what, what)
Off the rah-rah, crack the Piñata
mouth of backwash
Teeth mashed up on the asphalt, ya dig?

    • [RYU VERSE, 'Bleach' by S.O.B]

Set the pace like a Mustang, mashin'
Up the stakes
Who wanna cut the cake, I take cash
Dropped on a blood-stained mattress
You ain't got access, watch
I'mma change my accent, RYU and Tak
You little cunts in the game, you can suck my cock
And lay flat on the ground, don't make a peep
If you want the stains out now, get the bleach