Channeling, Pt. 1

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"Channeling, Pt. 1"
Song by Mike Shinoda
from the album Dropped Frames, Vol. 1
Working title:Mayo Channeling Jam
Released:July 10, 2020
Writer:Mike Shinoda
Producer:Mike Shinoda
Label:Kenji Kobayashi Productions
Dropped Frames, Vol. 1 tracklist
  1. Open Door
  2. Super Galaxtica
  3. Duckbot
  4. Cupcake Cake
  5. El Rey Demonio
  6. Doodle Buzz
  7. Channeling, Pt. 1 (feat. Dan Mayo)
  8. Osiris
  9. Babble Bobble
  10. Session McSessionface
  11. Neon Crickets
  12. Booty Down

"Channeling, Pt. 1" is the seventh track on the "Dropped Frames, Vol. 1" instrumental release by Mike Shinoda.


"Channeling, Pt. 1" is a song by Mike Shinoda made during the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic.

In March 2020, the global pandemic created by the COVID-19 coronavirus caused communities to quarantine at home. During this time, Mike Shinoda decided to start live streaming online and inviting fans to watch him create new instrumental music.

"Channeling, Pt. 1" was a track made by Mike on May 18, 2020. This jam's working title was "Mayo Channeling Jam" and features Dan Mayo.[1] Dan Mayo was Mike's drummer on the Post Traumatic World Tour in 2018 and 2019. The track is part one of a two part instrumental, the other being "Channeling, Pt. 2."

Mike said, "Mayo is just like not really a human being. He just bleeds these rhythyms. He doesn't need to think about it, he doesn't need to practice it. He just sits down at the drums and does this for as long as you let him. We were walking through a shopping mall in America somewhere and he'd grab things and just be tapping on the furniture, tapping on the merchanidse. We were walking out of the mall and he couldn't help but touch the crystal, and the glass, and the china.... run his finger over it and make a noise. We were like, "How do you get around in life without breaking shit all the time?" Tapping on everything, I feel like he's going to knock shit down."

Describing "Channeling Pt. 1", Mike said, "Mayo, when he was in LA at one point, we recorded him over 102bpm click so it stays on the grid, but the only thing that was going on really was I'd play a few loops and stuff and he'd just play along. This was originally written over a loop, but I got rid of the loop today. It was very dark, kind of jazzy actually and just left the drums. So this is just Dan freestyle for four minutes or something, five, without a single skip in the beat, without a single screw up. So I figured I'd just write over that, like not even change it probably, I don't know, we'll see."

Mike added sounds that he collected to the jam and said at the end of it he was "vibing the fuck out."

Mike held a listening party on Twitch for "Dropped Frames, Vol. 1" on July 10, 2020, the day of the album's release.[2] About "Channeling Pt. 1", he said, "I love this transition, straight into Dan Mayo. Keep in mind when you listening to "Channeling, Pt. 1", keep in mind that's a one take performance by Dan Mayo with no editing, no cutting and pasting, no chopping, nothing. He just played for four minute, three minutes and forty five seconds, he just played. Didn't write it, didn't practice it, just sat down and played it. The speed, his like hand speed, is fucking off the charts. He's insane to watch. He does a thing where, if you listen, he'll do a thing either on hi hat or either sometimes with a side stick where it sounds like a roll, but he's doing it with one hand. And he does it and stays on beat, but he'll do like that and just launch into a super fast little thing and come back and not lose his stuff. That's a joke, he has names for some of those body positions because it like, inspires the part. He has the toy soldier and he has the cricket."

During a Twitch stream on September 21, 2020 Mike said: "Man, Dan Mayo is really a good drummer! I don't know if you guys understand. You could never call yourself a good drummer when guys like Dan exist. In case we didn't talk about this, with this drum track. Dan, he's from Israel, and he aome to the US, a year and a half ago. He came down to the studio and he was like, 'Oh, let's setup a session, get some recording in your drums. We just knocked out a bunch of stuff, just to have stuff to play with, and he did this track, this is just him vibing and jamming. He didn't practised it, he din't write it. He just sat down and just played it. That's why you can hear him yell at one point, 'cause he lost the beat and he's jump right back on it, on beat. Like, even his 'Oooh' is on beat. Freak, what a freak!'"

The beginning of "Channeling, Pt. 1" segues from the previous song on Dropped Frames, Vol. 1, "Doodle Buzz."


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Channeling, Pt. 1 (feat. Dan Mayo) Dropped Frames, Vol. 1 3:52 2020 July 10, 2020



  • Mike Shinoda
  • Dan Mayo

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