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Barack Your World

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"Barack Your World"
Song by White Pegacorn
Released:September 4, 2008
Writer:Mike Shinoda, Mark Wakefield

"Barack Your World" is the only known song recorded and released by White Pegacorn, a side project by Mike Shinoda and Xero singer Mark Wakefield.


"Barack Your World" first surfaced on September 4, 2008, on the "fmlovr" YouTube channel, the same one that had previously uploaded "Magic Doors". The holder of the account also commented "Shout out to Mark on this one. You killed it!"[1]

A YouTube channel was created for White Pegacorn and a music video for "Barack Your World" was uploaded on October 19, 2008. The channel listed the members of the band as being Rick Pegacorn (Vocals), Ripper (Guitar, Vocals), Dante Danger (Bass), and Deathwish (Drums). The next day, Ken "Pooch" Van Druten, Linkin Park's FOH mixing engineer, posted the video on his blog with the following text: "This video was made by LP band member MIke Shinoda and his friend Mark Wakefield. They used to make funny videos like this all the time in high school and decided to write this song recently. Enjoy."[2]

As part of the promotion for the song, a website,, with the music video was created.

During a November 7, 2008 interview with Rolling Stone, Mike Shinoda was questioned about the song:

"I can neither confirm nor deny any relationship to that, although I think it's hilarious. I'll say this: I have a friend named Mark [Wakefield, onetime singer for pre-Linkin Park group Xero], and we've been friends since we were 12. He and I started my band together. We used to make joke songs on the weekends in high school and college. It's just fun for us to do. Whether or not that ["Barack Your World"] rumor is true, that's definitely what we used to do.

I heard a rumor that there's some interview footage with that band. Hopefully those will show up online. I don't imagine that project will be an album. But what would I know? That band is so mysterious."[3]

Nothing else ever came out of the project.

Music Video

The music video features a fictional band of puppets playing the song. Some scenes are a parody of the music video for "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake.[4]

The puppet that plays the drummer made an appearance nearly ten years later as a surprise at the end of Mike Shinoda's music video for "Ghosts."


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Barack Your World 2:58 2008 September 4, 2008
  • Uploaded to YouTube on September 4, 2008.
  • The song can be downloaded here and the music video here.


  • Mike Shinoda - Vocals, guitar, bass, programmed drums
  • Mark Wakefield - Vocals


Album Version

Livin' in a White House / heartland of America
We had some beers and we shared some laughs
You swore me in slowly / into your Pentagon
And I showed you the meaning of "Chief Of Staff"

My three colors are red, white and blue
And there's only one thing I wanna do to you
I wanna Barack your world (I wanna Barack your world)

People talk about taxes / gas prices and being green
Wagin' wars in countries overseas
All I know for sure is / baby, if you were my Iraq
I'd never pull out, if you know what I mean
(It means I'm gonna come inside of you)

My three colors are red, white and blue
I'm gonna shoot my love all over you

I wanna Barack your world, baby
I wanna stick my ballot into your box
I wanna obadamize you, lady
Your oval office is so sweet / secret-servicing my meat

I wanna Barack your world

I wanna Barack your world, baby
I wanna stick my ballot into your box
I wanna obadamize you, lady
Don't tell me no more lies
You've got a weapon of mass destruction between your thighs

I wanna Barack your world


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