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Linkinpedia is our attempt at creating the Internet's most comprehensive guide of Linkin Park information. It's been in the works for a long time now - we've been writing articles on it since Fort Minor's "Welcome" was released in June 2015! The wiki contains over 500 pages of content and information ranging from the background information of songs to their live histories.

Wiki links will be implemented into the show pages, so you will be able to click on song titles that appear in setlists and immediately be taken to their wiki page! We also have a current wiki on the site that will be implemented into Linkinpedia...this is in the works now.

We won't be opening editing of the wiki pages up to the public. A lot of the other wikis (Wikipedia itself included) and pages out there were spreading misinformation, thus giving people the wrong conceptions about many songs and subjects. We've provided source information and citations wherever possible to ensure the legitimacy of the info. To prevent any false information from spreading, Linkinpedia is only able to be edited by a select number of staff.

We're launching Linkinpedia as a "work in progress" - there are a lot of missing pages AND there is missing info in the current pages. With hundreds of articles written, you have to expect some mistakes.

Fans and members can submit corrections, mistakes, etc. on the actual wiki itself via a form located on the sidebar on the front page, and our staff will take over from there. There are also plenty of pages that don't have all of their information written in, but they'll be written up as time goes on.