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Bloc Party

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"Bloc Party"
Song by Fort Minor
from the album We Major
Released:October 30, 2005
Samples:Bloc Party - Banquet
Writer:Takbir Bashir, Chad Bromley, Mike Shinoda
Label:Machine Shop Recordings
We Major tracklist
  1. Green Lantern Intro
  2. 100 Degrees
  3. Dolla
  4. Bloc Party
  5. S.C.O.M.
  6. Remember The Name (Funkadelic Remix)
  7. Bleach (Jimi Remix)
  8. Spraypaint & Inkpens
  9. Petrified (Doors Remix)
  10. Get It
  11. Be Somebody
  12. Respect 4 Grandma
  13. There They Go (Green Lantern Remix)
  14. All Night
  15. Nobody's Listening (Green Lantern Remix)
  16. Cover And Duck
  17. Remember The Name (Album Version)
  18. Petrified (Album Version)
  19. Outro

"Bloc Party" is the fourth track on Fort Minor's We Major mixtape.


"Bloc Party" features Mike Shinoda, Tak from Styles Of Beyond, and Apathy.

Apathy said about the song, "Styles of Beyond are Demigodz. That's my crew. They connected Celph and I with Mike. Mike loved our shit, and showed us CRAZY love. He sent me the Bloc Party beat, I rocked to it, sent it back to him the next day. I produced the beat for "All Night", rapped to it, and didn't know if they were gonna use it or not... Mike added the extra drums on it, put Tak and Celph on it... and the rest is history. Mike is a monster. Nasty MC and producer. That muthafucker knows he's nice too. I'm sure we'll be doin work in the future. Demigodz will always hold it down for Mike, no matter what. All he has to do is say the word."[1]

The song samples "Banquet" by Bloc Party which was released the previous year in 2004, hence the name. Specifically, "Bloc Party" samples the main guitar riff from "Banquet."

Ryu's line "you've got a better chance of getting Danny Hayes on the phone" is a reference to longtime Linkin Park attorney Danny Hayes, who legally represented the band from Hybrid Theory to Living Things.

Tak's line, "Breaking the habit is impossible, what happened to Tak?" is a double reference to Linkin Park's song "Breaking The Habit" from 2003's Meteora and the fact that Tak is addicted to making music.

The ending of Tak's verse, "Ha, Styles and Machine Shop, necklace fly, no wonder everybody's so petrified / I said, Styles and Machine Shop, necklace fly, no wonder everybody's so petrified.." is alluding to the chorus of the song "Petrified" from The Rising Tied which asks, "why's everybody so petrified?"

The version of the song on We Major features a rewind edit of the first verse by DJ Green Lantern, who hosted the mixtape.

In November 2007, Apathy released Hell's Lost & Found: It's The Bootleg, Muthafuckas! Volume 2 which contains "Bloc Party" with no rewind edit and no transition at the start of the song from "Dolla". However, it does still contain DJ Green Lantern saying, "This is an invasion!" at the beginning.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Bloc Party We Major 2:39 2005 October 30, 2005
  • Features vocals by Apathy and Tak.
  • Samples Bloc Party's "Banquet".
Bloc Party (feat. Mike Shinoda & Tak of Styles Of Beyond) Hell's Lost & Found: It's The Bootleg, Muthafuckas! Volume 2 2:31 2005 November 20, 2007
  • Lacks the transitions and overdubs.


Fort Minor never performed "Bloc Party", but Styles Of Beyond did. A confirmed performance of the song happened in Hartfort, Connecticut on Projekt Revolution 2007, where Connecticut-native Apathy joined the group for the song. Mike did not perform on it.

Mike briefly performed his verse from the track over the extended intro of "Points Of Authority" at a few stops on Projekt Revolution 2007, the first of which was in Atlanta, Georgia.



We Major Version

Yo Ap why don't you do the intro on this shit?

Yo, Apathy (Yeah), Fort Minor (uh-huh), Styles of Beyond, Demigodz..

Here we go...

Ap is like Heavy Metal in ghettos,
Guns, metal and ammo,
I'll pistol whip Tony, and fuck Meadow Soprano,
A cat who seldom bugs, but tell them thugs,
That I'm known to carry more heat, than welding gloves,
I walk amongst the Gods, keep my head in the clouds,
Always show groupies love, gettin head in the crowd,
Put it in ya girls mouth, blast off like NASA,
The master of nastiness,
Transform a classy bitch...
Into a little cheap, freak, sadomasochist
Dastardly bastard, the rap's so disasterous,
Spit and heal the crippled like Christ, I'm miraculous,
In fights, my savageness,
Turns punks pacifist...
The police clock Ap, like "There he go",
Always on the watch, cuz I used to carry blow,
Always lock em down, but I never marry hoes,
Bury foes, when them flows, come through your stereos...

There we go, flippin' unpredictable verses,
A curse to burst words like tourettes on purpose,
Flip the bird like a back heavy jet perverse,
As it is, I cant stop and it's making me nervous, okay?
Get me on a track and I'm cracked,
I'm packin a backpack full of tracks on some CD's,
Be me? Fuck that, not like me,
To bite me you need to be you times ninety,
I got schemes and a team so hype we,
Get on the scene, make a scene on the nightly,
Say what I mean, whether mean or politely,
Living the dream in some clean white Nike's,
Or DC's I'm not givin a shit,
Fuck the words that you heard, and the lips that they hang from,
I stay bangin the bang bang drums,
And hanging you lames in the same no-name games you came from,
I don't got an excuse (nope), I'm just talkin' the truth,
I'm fucking awesome when I'm rockin the booth,
And I stay ready with hot bloc, rockin' the views,
Ya'll are really not stoppin this dude (yeah Tak get 'em!)

Let's start it off, and then come over and hit the galaxy,
Now we movin' them over, they're crownin me as the Cali king,
Anything tossed on my views, gettin shooed up,
With a crew that sips a little brew way too much,
Hooligans smacked in the face with aluminum bats,
Your fuckin raps are as good as me boo-booin',
I said I was rude, stepped on your shoes,
You dont believe me? You can ask devin the dude,
How I strip down you bitch clowns stand on my socks,
I whip a motherfucker's ass like I'm cannibal watch,
You wanna be stoned? Even with a basket of ice,
And get your shit flown, fiendin' for a casket to drop,
You know them S.O.B.'s never get the record to stop,
Breaking the habit is impossible what happened to Tak,
He's unleashed, he's a beast so Sledge hand me a Bloc Party,
Now what you corpses posin for, the camera was shot,
Ha, Styles and Machine Shop, necklace fly
No wonder everyone is so petrified
I said, Styles and Machine Shop, necklace fly
No wonder everyone is so petrified..

Let me hear that!

It's The Bootleg Version


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