Revolution Unseen: The Hidden Art Of Projekt Revolution

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"Revolution Unseen: The Hidden Art Of Projekt Revolution"
Book-Revolution Unseen.jpg
Art book
N° of Pages 50
Published 2007
Type Art book
Language English

Revolution Unseen: The Hidden Art of Projekt Revolution is a 9″x12″ limited edition recycled picture book sold at the merch booth and official website for the Projekt Revolution Tour 2007. It features exclusive artwork by Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington and Joe Hahn (Linkin Park), Gerard Way and Ray Toro (My Chemical Romance), Matt Rubano (Taking Back Sunday), Brian Molko (Placebo), Elias Andra, Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh (Julien-K), Lyn Z (Mindless Self Indulgence), Michael Pedicone (The Bled), Tak, Ryu, Vin Skully and DJ Cheapshot (Styles Of Beyond), Matthew, Nathan, Dan and Mateo (Madina Lake).[1]

Linkin Park agreed to make the book available after working out the costs to the environment. Chester said, "All of our records, any paper product is all printed on this new material that is actually, it's like super-recycled. Even our inks are environmentally friendly, like, everything we do, we're trying to focus on polluting as little as possible."[2] Proceeds from the book went to Music For Relief and helped fund the building of Music for Relief/Habitat for Humanity homes in New Orleans for survivors of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.[3]

Signed copies of the book were put together by Machine Shop and subsequently auctioned to raise money for Music For Relief in following years.[4][5]

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