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Joe's Solo Medley was a solo performed Joe on The Hunting Party World Tour. It marked the first time Joe had a full spot in the setlist dedicated just to him - he had brief moments, including his "solo" in "With You" and brief interludes used in setlists in 2001. The song is comprised almost entirely of samples of other Linkin Park songs. It samples parts of "Wretches And Kings", the "Victimized" remix from Recharged, "Buy Myself" and "Plc.4 Mie Hæd" from Reanimation, "Cure For The Itch", and "Session".[1]


Joe's Medley debuted at the first show of The Hunting Party touring cycle, at KFMA Day 2014. The song remained virtually unchanged throughout the cycle, appearing mid-set after the shortened "Robot Boy". Because Joe had to leave the 2015 European Tour early due to a family emergency, the medley was dropped from the setlist at these last shows, even though his tech Warren Willis was there to replace him. The medley returned for the few shows following the tour.