I Drive Me Mad

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"i drive me mad"
Single by renforshort
from the album teenage angst EP
Recorded 2020
Released June 26, 2020
Format Digital
Length 2:44
Writer(s) Jesse Fink, Lauren Isenberg, Jeff Hazin, Kellen Pomeranz
Producer(s) Jeff Hazin, Pom Pom
Label Interscope Records

Nearer My God Remixes track listing
  1. idc
  2. new way
  3. i drive me mad
  4. bummer
  5. museum
  6. luv is stooopid
  7. tastefully depressed

"I Drive Me Mad" (stylized as "i drive me mad") is the third track and third single on the Teenage Angst EP by Renforshort (stylized as renforshort). The song received a remix by Mike Shinoda and was set for release as a digital single on June 9, 2020. Despite the release being postponed, some digital stores had the remix available in the original date. The remix was officially released later that month on June 26th.


Lauren Isenberg, known professionally as Renforshort is a Canadian singer and songwriter from Toronto. Her debut extended play, Teenage Angst EP, was released on March 13, 2020.

About the track "I Drive Me Mad", she said, “I was in the studio and I got a really worrying phone call and I just freaked out and had a really bad panic attack. We had this producer and writer fly in from New York, and it was my last day in the studio, and I was like, 'I can't not write a song.' And we were like, ‘Let's write a song about this panic attack you just had, because it's so fresh.’ The whole track has the feeling of an anxiety attack: In the pre-chorus, it starts speeding up and your heart rate is speeding up as well, and then in the chorus, everything just crashes. And with the lyrics, I was just like, ‘What am I feeling right now? I feel like I'm hyperventilating.’ It was super easy to write, because it was something that was so fresh—I was still freaking out when I was writing the song. That was when I started feeling more comfortable writing about my personal experiences of mental health.”[1]


Three different projects named "Drive Me Mad Remix", "Drive Me Mad Remix 2" and "Drive Me Mad Remix 3" were seen in Mike Shinoda's computer, among the recent files of Ableton, during his live stream on April 29, 2020.[2] The original song was in Mike's *BREADCRUMBS Spotify playlist. The remix was accidentally released early by Napster and other retailers in early June, but was pulled.[3]

On June 24, 2020, renforshort announced the release date of the remix as June 26, 2020.[4] renforshort posted a text message conversation with Mike, where she said, "Yooo just got the artwork for the remix! What do u think, should we drop it this week?!" and Mike replied, "Wow! That looks amazing. LETS DROP IT".

Mike joined renforshort's Instagram Live on June 25, 2020. On the stream, Mike talked about the remix having more than 50 layers and said that that he and renforshort sent the song back-and-forth quite a few times to get it right, doing more then ten revisions.

He later showed on Twitch the actual project of the remix, playing some isolated tracks, saying that he did the opening sound with the OP-1 and also talking about the time change. The original track speeds up from 94 BPM to 110 in the chorus, coming back at 94 BPM in the second verse. He wanted to keep it at 110 BPM but it felt rushed, so he slowed it down at 108 BPM.[5]

The next day on June 26, he hosted renforshort on his Twitch live stream, which was his first official interview on his stream. On the stream, Mike said, "Her manager reached out and said, "We heard you and Lauren have shot a few messages back and forth on Instagram." She said thanks for including me on your playlist. Her manager reached out about the remix thing, and I was like "wait a minute, this person is like, seventeen. like, she's probably just like a child and I was concerned... I don't want to waste my time working with an immature kid who isn't going to take things seriously or whatever, but low and behold she's a really talented and put together artist.""[6]

About the original song, Mike said, "The dynamics of the song – the production, her voice, and the way the song speeds up into the chorus – all those things felt exciting to me. I also connected with the lyrics, the idea that you make yourself a little crazy. I'm pretty sure she's the first person I've heard use the term 'pre-traumatic stress!'" On creating the mix, Renforshort added: "The process was really cool. Mike sent me a couple versions and we just sent notes back and forth until it was perfect! It was really cool to hear my song be given a different life completely, it's a very strange cool thing!"[7]

He added, "It's really fun to work with new artists because of the variety that it brings into the creative situation. She's super young, but knows what she’s doing with her music. This would be the moment where she throws in a self-deprecating comment, but my instinct is that she's got a ton of raw talent and I'd love to see where she takes that. The biggest challenge for any artist in her position is to really unlock her voice and a unique way to communicate their intention. I've been listening to her a lot."[8]

Music Video

A music video for "I Drive Me Mad" was directed by Lebni Avitia and released on February 27, 2020 12pm est.[9] It was inspired by her battle with anxiety.[10]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
i drive me mad i drive me mad

teenage angst EP

2:57 2020 February 27, 2020
i drive me mad (Mike Shinoda Mix) i drive me mad (Mike Shinoda Mix) 2:44 2020 June 26, 2020
  • Remix by Mike Shinoda.


  • Written By Jesse Fink, ​renforshort, Jeff Hazin & Kellen Pomeranz
  • Background Vocals: Jeff Hazin & Jesse Fink
  • Bass: Jeff Hazin
  • Guitar: Jeff Hazin & Pom Pom
  • Percussion: Jeff Hazin
  • Studio Personnel: Andrew Wuepper
  • Mixed By Andrew Wuepper



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