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The "Fort Minor Medley" is a live medley performed by Fort Minor in 2005 and 2006 during concerts.


The "Fort Minor Medley" is an extensive mashup of several verses from Fort Minor and Styles Of Beyond tracks.

The title on the Fort Minor setlists was simply "Medley" and the name "Fort Minor Medley" comes from LPLive giving it a title to differentiate it from other medleys in the live guide. From its debut concert at Pukkelpop 2005[1] to its last appearance in 2006, it was always just called "Medley" on show setlists.

In order, the medley consists of the following: An original verse by Mike, a little over half of Tak's verse from "Respect 4 Grandma" by Fort Minor, Ryu's first verse from "You Lose" by Styles Of Beyond, a DJ Cheapshot break, half of Ryu's first verse from "Megadef" by Styles Of Beyond, half of Tak's first verse from "Megadef", a second original verse by Mike, a second DJ Cheapshot cut up, Tak's first verse from "Bleach" by Styles Of Beyond, Ryu's same verse from "You Lose" again, Tak's second verse from "Bleach", and Ryu's second verse from "Bleach."

When introducing the song at the Fort Minor Club Tattoo 2006 show, Mike asked who liked the following artists, giving an indication of what some of the sampled beats could be from: Snoop Dogg's first album, Tha Alkaholiks, Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, and Boogie Down Productions.[2]

The break after Ryu's verse from "You Lose" by Styles of Beyond when Fort Minor does the "yeah, and you don't stop" bit comes from Snoop Dogg's "G Funk" track.

When asked who some of his biggest hip hop influences were, Mike said, "I would say Boogie Down Productions. I loved By All Means Necessary. That was my shit. There was N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton. It Takes A Nation of Millions by Public Enemy, Recently, I've been listening to the D.O.C.'s No One Can Do It Better and Wu-Tang's first album [Enter the 36 Chambers]. There's a feel in certain albums when they come out. They got a unique identity. It's consistent and you know the artist is really true to who they are and where they come from. When I was doing my Fort Minor record, I definitely wanted to make that same kind of statement, make it unique and it helps me listening to other albums where the artists are in that type of mind frame."[3]


The "Fort Minor Medley" debuted mid-set at the band's first show at Pukkelpop 2005, remaining in that general spot after "Mr. Brown" until the end of 2006, when Fort Minor went on hiatus. It's uncertain if the song was played at Summer Sonic 2006, but it is very likely that it was. The "Medley" has not been performed live since 2006.