Australian and New Zealand Tour 2013

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"Australian and New Zealand Tour 2013"
LT World Tour.jpg
Tour by Linkin Park
Location New Zealand, Australia
Type Headline
Associated album The Hunting Party
Start date February 21, 2013
End date March 4, 2013
Number of shows 8
Supporting acts Stone Sour
Linkin Park tours chronology

South American and South African Tour 2012 Australian and New Zealand Tour 2013 Asian Tour 2013


The tour of Australia and New Zealand in February and March 2013 was Linkin Park's first trip "down under" since December 2010, and featured a mix of 8 shows across both continents.

Before the tour

Five days before this tour, Linkin Park headlined a show in Las Vegas, advertised as their only show in North America in 2013. They later played one more U.S. show, at the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles, before their quick trip to Asia. In the setlist for this show, Castle Of Glass (debuted in late 2012) replaced In My Remains, which was not played after 2012.


Kicking off the trip in Auckland, New Zealand, Linkin Park held the 8th LPU Summit at this show and treated fans to a five song rehearsal before the show. Stone Sour opened and Corey Taylor said how grateful he was for Linkin Park to take them out in New Zealand and Australia.

After this show, the band played Soundwave, a popular traveling Australian festival, in all five cities - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. This was the last time that the festival played all five cities, dropping Perth after 2013 due to major backlash from the local population. Between the Sydney and Melbourne Soundwave shows, Linkin Park headlined both cities with their own "Sidewave", the name given to non-festival shows for bands playing Soundwave. Stone Sour was brought along for these two shows as well.

The set up for Soundwave was two stages directly next to each other (1A and 1B) - Linkin Park was the last band to play on 1B, directly before Metallica played on 1A.

The setlists for the Soundwave shows were about 75 minutes, so Linkin Park played shortened versions of Set A (Tinfoil/Faint opener) and Set B (A Place For My Head opener) at these shows.

This was the first tour where DSPs (Digital Souvenir Packages) that contained a live recording of the show were not sold, after being sold for most every tour from 2007 to 2012.

Memorable Moments

Technical difficulties plagued the band on the trip. At the first show in Brisbane, Castle Of Glass was aborted due to the technical difficulties with Brad's keypad. Even though Chester said "Fuck that song, let's play A Place For My Head!" the band moved on with the set and played Lost In The Echo.

At the next show in Sydney, Chester had the band stop Points Of Authority halfway through the song because a fan was injured in the pit. He asked the fans if they wanted to restart the song or move on and they said restart it, but the band moved on to Waiting For The End instead. When they said they were going to restart Points Of Authority, they actually started the click track but Mike stopped it before it kicked in, due to the injury situation still going on. The band waited around for another couple of minutes before moving on with the next song since over five minutes had elapsed.

In the encore of the Melbourne headlining Sidewave show, the band asked the fans after Burn It Down whether they wanted the band to play In The End or A Place For My Head and the response was for A Place For My Head. Mike said the choice was because he found out during the M&G that a number of fans were attending multiple shows on the tour. This was the first full show since 2001 to not feature In The End and was the first time the band has ever given the fans a choice between two songs to play. Joe played the outro samples of In The End after A Place For My Head finished.

During the bridge of Bleed It Out at the last show in Perth, Joe played a sample of the Harlem Shake.


Name Job
Jim Digby Production Manager
Ken "Pooch" Van Druten FOH Engineer
Kevin "Tater" McCarthy Monitor Engineer
Sean Paden Guitar Technician (Brad)
Warren Johnson DJ Technician
Mark Fiore Videographer