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Vegas Baby

From Linkinpedia
"Vegas Baby"
Song by Uncle Kracker
from the album Happy Hour (5 Track Promo)
Writer:Beauregard Frederick Louis IV, Bradford Michael, Hahn Joseph, Shafer Matthew
Producer:Michael Bradford
Label:Atlantic Records
Happy Hour (5 Track Promo) tracklist
  1. Happy Hour
  2. Vegas Baby
  3. I'm Not Leaving
  4. The One That Got Away
  5. That's What's Happenin

"Vegas Baby" is an unreleased song recorded for Uncle Kracker's fourth studio album, Happy Hour. It was co-written with Joe Hahn.


Not much is known about "Vegas Baby" in particular. It's possible that Uncle Kracker and Joe Hahn met in 2001 when Linkin Park and Kid Rock shared the stage at Rock im Park and Rock am Ring festivals since Uncle Kracker was part of Kid Rock's band from 1994 to 2002.

The album Happy Hour was initially produced by Uncle Kracker's former bandmate Michael Bradford and recorded at Sound Kitchen in Nashville. It was turned in to the record label by November 2006 and set to be released in February or March 2007. However, by November 2007 the album was still unreleased and Billboard reported it likely wouldn't come out before the middle of 2008. Although Uncle Kracker was reportedly "more than frustrated" with the delay, he said this gave him time to improve the record:

"While I have time and I'm sitting around, I've been in the studio doing stuff. I'm not gonna touch the good (songs). But there's some on there I can beat. I figure if I've got time, why not go in and beat 'em. In the end, it's better."

About the reason behind all this, Billboard wrote:

"Kracker (real name: Matt Shafer) says executives at Atlantic Records have cited "marketplace" considerations -- including a desire to properly set up the release -- as a reason for holding up "Happy Hour." He knew that this year's fourth quarter would be unlikely, with priority releases by James Blunt, matchbox twenty and especially Kracker's good pal and former employer Kid Rock."

That same year, the song "Vegas Baby" had been featured in the "What Happens In Vegas..." episode of The Hills, which aired on October 1, 2007.

Between 2008 and 2009, the entire album Uncle Kracker had recorded with Bradford was scrapped and a new one was written with producer Rob Cavallo. The reason was he "wasn't really convinced that I had the right record."

Happy Hour was eventually released on September 15, 2009 without "Vegas Baby". The song would be found by LPLive in late 2012 on eBay as part of a 5-track promo CD containing 4 other songs produced by Bradford, 3 of which also didn't make the album.

"Vegas Baby" became available for download on January 11, 2013.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Vegas Baby Happy Hour (5 Track Promo) 4:07 2006
  • Features Mr. Hahn.
  • Released by LPLive for free download on January 11, 2013.


  • Frederick Louis IV Beauregard - Songwriter/Composer
  • Michael Bradford - Guitar, Bass, Producer, Songwriter/Composer
  • Joseph Hahn - Scratches, Songwriter/Composer
  • Matthew Shafer (Uncle Kracker) - Vocals, Songwriter/Composer


Album Version

Wait just a-
Wait just
Wait just a-
Wait just a-
Wait just a-
Wait just a-

Wait / wait / wait

Cut your engines, cool your wings and hit the runway
Man, we only got 'til Sunday
It's only one way to lay me down easy
I got a need to live sleazy, believe me
It's all a game, no shame, no pain
The limo's out front, passed baggage claim
Pop the bottle, give us something to sip
And hop the '15 to the strip!

Vegas baby [x2]
Wait / wait / wait
Vegas baby [x2]
Wait / wait / wait

We're highrollers so we can't be cavannas
Sippin' banana drinks with chicks from Atlanta
She say's her name's Anna, but I know she's lying
"She ain't lookin' packin'?
"Nah, I'm chimin'."
And I'd by lying but I'm copped all stay
All day, all night, always
Ladies and gents, let the three-wheel spin
And let 'em turn like there's three-wheel rims
Got a room with a view / Residential suite
But ain't nobody even trying to sleep
They say what happens here stays here, right?
Well I ain't even saying what I did last night!
Come on!

Vegas baby [x2]
Wait / wait / wait
Vegas baby [x2]
Wait / wait / wait

From the room, to the floor
To the table, to the case
To the limo, through the door
To the floor, to the stage
Of the limo, through the bar
To the club with the whales
You can take the limo straight to jail
Make bail, grab a limo then
You can do it all over again (Come on!)
You can't account for what I've looked through
Because the house always wins
And I do too
Never through, never gone from grace
And still splitting each and everything with a face
In the place with the ice where the dice are shooting
Rock that shit like my man Wayne Newton

Vegas baby [x2]
Wait / wait / wait
Vegas baby [x4]
Wait / wait / wait
Vegas baby [x4]
Wait / wait / wait
Vegas baby [x2]

Vegas baby [x4]

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