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Single by The Visionaries & Linkin Park
from the album Unreleased [Demo] (The Visionaries & Linkin Park)
Released:April 20, 2015
This article is about "Unreleased", The Visionaries song featuring members of Linkin Park. For the list of unreleased songs, see List Of Unreleased Songs.

"Unreleased" is a 2001 track by hip-hop group The Visionaries in collaboration with Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn of Linkin Park. The song was never included on any album, but was eventually released online in 2015.


In 2001, right before their European tour in September, Linkin Park gave an interview to OnStage where Mr. Hahn revealed he and Mike had worked on a track with the hip hop group The Visionaries. "Chester just did a song with Cyclefly and also with DJ Lethal, and Mike and I just finished a track with the Visionaries too."[1]

Later, in 2006, KeyKool, a member of The Visionaries, was questioned by a Linkin Park fan about the song. This was his answer:

"Hey, LMNO did a song with Mike Shinoda back in the day, maybe 6 years ago.

Then the Visionaries recorded a song with Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda, and I believe some of the rest of the group was supposed to add stuff to the song...anyhow, it was before the "ReAnimation" album, and we all decided not to put the song, I guess it's just one of those, never heard, never put out things.

We've only heard a rough version of the song, and never heard anything after that.

Kool, give thanks."[2]

The song was finally released on April 20, 2015 by 2Mex through his Bandcamp page. The song can be purchased for $1.[3]

LMNO said about the recording, "The Visionaries recorded the song at Kevin Sakodas, Mike wasn’t there Joe wasn’t either". Questioned if the song had a title, he answered, "Honestly I’m not sure"[4] Dannu Reyes explained, "There was no title because we all agreed it wasn't worthy of releasing... the whole recording of it was not what you hear on this was all split up and the rapper was supposed to rhyme in between... thats why it sounds weird It would have been better if we all wrote together" The chorus is composed of various scratches sampled by DJ Rhettmatic.[5] The lyrics "put a kink in the backbone" is a reused lyric from "High Voltage".


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Unreleased [Demo] (The Visionaries & Linkin Park) Unreleased [Demo] (The Visionaries & Linkin Park) 4:40 2001 April 20, 2015
  • Released by 2Mex through Bandcamp.
  • Available in MP3, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and AIFF formats.


  • 2Mex
  • LMNO
  • R.ēL.Z.M.
  • Dannu
  • KeyKool
  • DJ Rhettmatic
  • Mike Shinoda
  • Mr. Hahn


Album Version

What's the real definition of a top notch emcee?

Probably (...) your brain
Quite possibly not
Isosceles thoughts
Awful bets (awesomely) wrought
2Mex drops hip-hop on (...)

We're not dead yet
We're all the way live
Visionaries gear up for the drive
Load one or two, LMNO too
A rogue runner type of crew
Here to get a hype for you!

Introducing Dannu
Sitting on this track take a seat with a view
Possible I can interrupt us for a few
Try this (block's stroll) through a park with the crew

Beats to make you move on the dance floor
Key Cool's with the crew enhance more
(...) you're in a fight
(Moshing rock) much harder than ice

LP, Visionaries
Live and direct, son
Ra- Ra- Rappin' and jammin'
The sou-sou-sou- sound clashin'
What's the real definition of a top notch emcee?

Local access, broadbands bad
Look past the words that merge with picture tubes
The images that flash the truth that interludes
In a sense you're screwed if you haven't conversed with the inner you
Prevent food for thought
Keepin' the contaminants inanimate
The transient capturin' still-life like mannequins
Reflexes light like Anakin
Came through even after the darkness and shenanigans

The word alone has advice
It's found deep within
It's what's used to win
Or what's used to lose
If purposefully lost it'll come back to you
Only time is the cost
This rhyme that's a cross in between (days old)
Intersection of life, mind, body, and soul
Got a hold on mine but others seem to let go
Got a long drive home that's why I leave after close

I want to quantum leap landing Zen
In Linkin Park (ain't an art indistinctive parts)
This music brings us all together now!
(Intersect your power
Vision incredible)

Call up a relative and tell 'em who the hell it is
You think not / guess again / you bet it is
Put a kink in the backbone of predators
They're not competitive / actin' like they're on sedatives
With or without large amounts of melanin
Let it begin until the rigor mortis settles in
Rainin' on rust on bulletproof metal men
It's deep water and there's no backpedallin'

LP, Visionaries
Live and direct, son
Ra- Ra- Rappin' and jammin'
The sou-sou-sou sound clashin'
What's the real definition of a top notch emcee?

LP, Visionaries
Live and direct, son
Ra- Ra- Rappin' and jammin'
the sou-sou-sou sound clashin'
What's the real definition of a top notch ...?

(Mexican mix of flicks)
I'm what happens when you divide six by six
Must exist as some remainder
(Some guy's son) shuns the fun and runs into danger!
Skills rockin', son
Kill the clock and drum
Through the walk and run
One dimensional like a rhinoceros
Spun adventurous like a vinyl purist!

Everybody come down to Earth
Space is a waste
Put your face in the dirt
Humble thyself
Give thanks for the work
My woman said, "My manager (man's) a jerk"
My feelings are hurt
I say, "word"
Got plenty change to make
I can't forsake
Firebrand travel on the sabbatical
I adore the ideal
Ignore the actual

All natural
We attack the track
With some of that "ef that conscious rap"
That taps at the root of the truth
That shows proof
That most these cats
Are just a spoof talkin' bout nothin'
But this is something
That y'all been waiting to hear
But didn't know what was comin'

Lights out / Los Angeles darkness
Trash bag track homes and park bench apartments
Lit with a center-city harshness
Attract the colour weapons of paint marker artists
And this is the soundtrack to the scene
LP, Visionaries, collaborative team
Takin' it to a level you never dreamed of
Open your eyes to a sight that's seldom-seen

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