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Live In Manila 2004

From Linkinpedia
Live In Manila 2004
Live album by Linkin Park
Recorded:June 15, 2004
Released:April 7, 2023
Label:Warner Records

Live In Manila 2004 is a live show release by Linkin Park on April 7, 2023, included in the Meteora (20th Anniversary Edition) Super Deluxe Box Set in the same DVD as Live In Denver - Projekt Revolution.


Following an extensive arena tour that took the band across the United States and Canada, Linkin Park took a few months off touring before heading overseas to play festivals across Europe and headlining shows in Asia. Starting off by headlining the Download Scotland, Download, Rock Am Ring, and Super Bock Super Rock festivals, the band spent the rest of the tour playing their first shows ever in Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore. Manila was the sixth stop on the tour.

Despite never releasing the show in full, the show at Rock am Ring is one of the most popular shows the band has played in its career, up there somewhere amongst the popularity with the band's live albums Live In Texas, Road To Revolution, and One More Light Live. Due to being webcasted, shown on TV, and traded/posted for download freely amongst fans, the show spread quickly online afterward. Linkin Park actually worked on the video angles, editing, and audio mix for the TV broadcast. However, the Manila 2004 show, just three shows later, marks the first official release by the band of that setlist which has gained so much notoriety amongst fans.

In Manila, Linkin Park was initially meant to play ULTRA Football Stadium before the show was moved to the CCP Grounds.


Linkin Park debuted a brand new setlist for the international tour. "Don't Stay" returned to the opening spot after being replaced by "With You" for the North American tour, being given a new intro that mashed up Joan Baez's 'Gacela Of The Dark Death' with "Don't Stay's" instrumental. This intro has gone on to become a massive fan-favorite in the Linkin Park community over the years due to it opening the Rock am Ring show. "Lying From You", "Papercut", "Points Of Authority", and "With You" followed, with the latter three also being given new intros. Besides the new intro for when "Papercut" opened six shows in October and November 2003, this was the first longstanding new intro for the song played by the band. It was built upon and extended even further off of this version when Linkin Park started touring for Minutes To Midnight in 2007, meaning this intro went on to be a part of the song's beginning on stage for just over the next four years. The new intro on "Points Of Authority" built upon the band's interest in adding more Reanimation-style moments in the show and the same goes for "With You" with its extended intro that echoed the Reanimation-style instrumental in its verses when performed live.

After "Runaway", the band added a medley of "Step Up", "Nobody's Listening", and "It's Goin' Down" to the setlist, replacing the full versions of "Nobody's Listening" and "It's Goin' Down" that were previously in the set and marking the first time "Step Up" appeared in the set in any form since 2002. In the fan community online, this was commonly referred to as the "Hip Hop Medley" over time, like the 2012-2015 mashup of slower songs being called the "Ballad Medley."

"Somewhere I Belong", "From The Inside", "Breaking The Habit", and "Numb" came next, and the band performed new intros for "Somewhere I Belong" and "Numb", the latter of which was the only new intro in the set to not make it to Projekt Revolution 2004, meaning it was only played nine times total. This was the first tour with a new intro for "Somewhere I Belong", something the band continued to like and experiment with in 2007 and 2008 for the entire touring cycle for Minutes To Midnight. "Faint", "In The End" (with a new ambient intro), and "A Place For My Head" closed out the main set. At this time in the touring cycle, Linkin Park often brought fans up on stage on "A Place For My Head", doing so for at least the Rock am Ring, Lisbon, and Manila shows that recordings exist of.

For the encore, the band added the full length intro to "Krwlng" to "Crawling" for the first time, previously only playing shortened versions of it. They also added a cover of "Wish" by Nine Inch Nails to the set, making it one of the few cover songs that the band played regularly in the set. Mike Shinoda commented that he had to build the samples from scratch for the song to be played live, since Linkin Park didn't have access to the Nine Inch Nails samples. The show closed with "One Step Closer" featuring the intro and bridge of "1stp Klosr." The intro was added for the first time on this tour, giving yet another Reanimation twist in the setlist. Mike also brought back singing the "blood is pouring" lines on the bridge, something he did in the very beginning of 2003 and a few other times since, but not regularly until June 2004.


The Meteora 20 release was announced on January 27, 2023 for a release date of March 24, 2003. Live In Manila 2004 was included on the third DVD alongside Live In Denver - Projekt Revolution.

Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Intro García Lorca Federico, Spender Stephen 0:33
2 Don't Stay Linkin Park 3:39
3 Lying From You Linkin Park 3:47
4 Papercut Bennington Chester Charles, Bourdon Robert G, Delson Brad, Hahn Joseph, Shinoda Mike 3:22
5 Points Of Authority Bennington, Bourdon, Delson, Hahn, Shinoda 3:24
6 With You Bennington, Bourdon, Delson, Hahn, King John Robert, Shinoda, Simpson Michae 3:36
7 Runaway Bennington, Bourdon, Delson, Hahn, Shinoda, Wakefield Mark 4:20
8 Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin' Down Linkin Park, Alvin Joiner, Melvin Bradford 5:23
9 Somewhere I Belong Linkin Park 3:59
10 From The Inside Linkin Park 4:04
11 Breaking The Habit Linkin Park 4:58
12 Numb Linkin Park 3:43
13 Faint Linkin Park 2:43
14 In The End Bennington, Bourdon, Delson, Hahn, Shinoda 4:52
15 A Place For My Head Bennington, Bourdon, Delson, Hahn, Shinoda, Wakefield 10:34
16 Crawling Bennington, Bourdon, Delson, Hahn, Shinoda 3:39
17 Wish Reznor Michael Trent 4:21
18 One Step Closer Bennington, Bourdon, Delson, Hahn, Shinoda 6:06


Linkin Park

  • Chester Bennington: Vocals
  • Rob Bourdon: Drums
  • Brad Delson: Guitars
  • Joseph Hahn: Records, Sampling
  • "Phoenix: Bass
  • Mike Shinoda: Emcee, Vocals, Sampling


  • Filmed at CCP Open Grounds, Manila, Philippines on June 15th 2004
  • All Songs Written by Linkin Park | ©2002 Universal Music
  • Except "Papercut," "Points Of Authority," "Crawling," "In The End" and "One Step Closer" Written by Linkin Park ©2000
  • "With You" Written by Linkin Park & The Dust Brothers (M. Simpson/J. King) ©2000
  • "Runaway" Written by Linkin Park & Mark Wakefield ©2000
  • "Step Up" Written by Linkin Park ©1999
  • "It's Goin' Down" Written by M. Shinoda, J. Hahn, A. Williams, K. Bailey, R. Aguilar, M. Jones & A. Joiner ©2000
  • Originally recorded by X-Ecutioners featuring Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn
  • "A Place For My Head" Written by Linkin Park, Mark Wakefield & Dave Farrell ©2000
  • "Wish" Written by Trent Reznor. ©1992 Leaving Hope Music/TVT Music, Inc. (ASCAP) Administered by Leaving Hope Music, Inc.
  • Contains elements of "Gacela Of The Dark Death" Written by Federico García Lorca and Stephen Spender
  • Performed by Joan Baez
  • Licensed courtesy of Vanguard Records
  • Published by Concord Music Publishing