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LP Underground 3.0

From Linkinpedia
LP Underground 3.0
EP by Linkin Park
Recorded:August 2, 2003 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas and August 3, 2003 at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas
Released:November 17, 2003
Linkin Park Underground chronology
LP Underground 2.0
LP Underground 3.0
LP Underground 4.0


LP Underground 3.0 is the third EP released by Linkin Park, and the third EP released for their fanclub, the Linkin Park Underground (LPU). This EP was simultaneously released alongside the release of the third year of the LPU on November 17, 2003. The EP features five live versions of songs found on the band's Live In Texas live DVD, these tracks being edited differently for this release.

LP Underground booths were set up at 3 Southern California shows on the Meteora World Tour: the Forum in Inglewood, at the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, and at the Cox Arena in San Diego; at which fans were able to sign up for an LPU 3 membership with cash or a money order/cashier's check. A special Meteora World Tour LPU 3 Package was offered at the booth. For an additional $10, fans could add the Hybrid Theory EP and an LP Underground bumper sticker.[1]

Writing and Recording

Underground 3.0 features five professionally mixed and mastered songs from the band's shows in Houston, Texas and Irving, Texas on Metallica's Summer Sanitarium Tour in the summer of 2003. Footage and audio was taken from both of these shows to create the live DVD, though the band left some songs omitted from the CD for inclusion on other releases. Recordings of "Don't Stay", "Figure.09", "With You", "By Myself", and "A Place For My Head" taken from these shows are found on this CD, with different editing than the DVD. They've even used different performances in some instances.


The songs found on the EP are all performed live, as mentioned previously. The songs originally appeared both on Hybrid Theory and Meteora, and some of the live performances include live-only versions and extended portions. "By Myself" can be found with its extended 2003 Intro, and "A Place For My Head" features both its extended intro (albeit, shortened by the editing) and extended bridge. "With You" is performed with the instrumental of Wth>You from Reanimation during its verses. At the shows, "Don't Stay" was performed with it's extended Devil Worship intro, but that was edited out of this release (likely due to copyright issues, as it uses an instrumental from Slayer).

Besides extensions, there are a few extra ad-libs added into the songs that don't appear on the studio versions, such as Chester's scream during the intro of "With You" (as well as Mike's famous "Ladies and gentlemen: Mr. Hahn!" line before his solo) and the scream at the beginning of "A Place For My Head".


The CD included enhanced video content filmed and edited by Mark Fiore.

The "From The Inside" music video, "Don't Stay" live at Jimmy Kimmel 2003, "Faint" live from the Jimmy Kimmel 2003 television broadcast, and other smaller multimedia clips were the exclusive videos.

Track Listing

All tracks live from Summer Sanitarium.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Don't Stay Linkin Park 3:11
2 Figure.09 Linkin Park 3:49
3 With You Linkin Park 3:21
4 By Myself Linkin Park 4:06
5 A Place For My Head Linkin Park 3:58


Linkin Park

  • Chester Bennington
  • Rob Bourdon
  • Brad Delson
  • Joseph Hahn
  • Phoenix
  • Mike Shinoda


  • Recorded live August 2nd 2003 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX and August 3rd 2003 at Texas Stadium in Irving, TX on the Summer Sanitarium Tour
  • Produced and mixed by: Josh Abraham
  • Engineered by Ryan Williams
  • Pro Tools engineer: Brandon Belsky
  • Mixed at Pulse Recordings, Los Angeles, CA
  • Mobile audio recording: live recording engineer: Joel Singer with Effanel Music
  • Assistant recording engineer: Hardi Kamsani with Effanel Music
  • Mobile recording equipment provided by: Effanel Music

Enhanced Video Content

  • LPU Worldwide Video filmed & edited by Mark Fiore
  • "From The Inside" video directed by Mr. Hahn & produced by Matt Caltablano
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live performances produced by ABC
  • Special thanks to Peter DiCecco and Scott Igoe
  • Referral Contest Video filmed by Mark Fiore & edited by Bill Berg-Hillinger
  • ECD layout by Sparkart


  • LP Underground coordination: Jessica Bardas and Michelle Yin
  • LP Underground founded by Linkin Park and Jessica Bardas 2001


  • Art direction and design: The Flem



  • Brandon Belsky, Pro Tools engineer for the EP, would later become a member of Julien-K and Dead By Sunrise.

External Links


  1. The Linkin Park Times, February 03, 2004