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Welcome to Linkinpedia, the comprehensive wiki for Linkin Park and all of their side projects! Curated by the LPLive team.

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Latest Releases

Future Releases

Previous Bands

Relative Degree | Grey Daze | The Snax | The Pricks | Karma | Sean Dowdell and His Friends

Touring Summaries

2000 And Earlier Touring Summary 2001 Touring Summary 2002 Touring Summary 2003 Touring Summary 2004 Touring Summary 2005 Touring Summary 2006 Touring Summary 2007 Touring Summary 2008 Touring Summary 2009 Touring Summary 2010 Touring Summary 2011 Touring Summary 2012 Touring Summary 2013 Touring Summary 2014 Touring Summary 2015 Touring Summary 2017 Touring Summary Fort Minor Touring Summary Dead By Sunrise Touring Summary Stone Temple Pilots Touring Summary


Diamonds Spades Hearts Clubs | Glorious Excess (Born) | Glorious Excess (Dies)

A Thousand Suns Laser Show | A Thousand Horizons | Lies Greed Misery Scavenger Hunt | LP VR | Carry On

LPU Summit #1 - London | LPU Summit #2 - Sydney | LPU Summit #3 - Chicago | LPU Summit #4 - Hamburg

LPU Summit #5 - Tokyo | LPU Summit #6 - Camden | LPU Summit #7 - Cape Town | LPU Summit #8 - Auckland

LPU Summit #9 - Hong Kong | LPU Summit #10 - Darien Center | LPU Summit #11 - Woodlands

LPU Summit #12 - Amsterdam | LPU Summit #13 - Calgary


We fact check all of our information before adding it to Linkinpedia, hence why it took over 15 months and 13,000~ page edits to just launch the project. We always cite as many sources as possible for new information, and we use the highest available quality for artwork that we add.

Linkinpedia / LPLive does not own any artwork or any pictures, and we're not using any for profit, etc. We will remove any photo by request. Our Photo Disclaimer, the same as LPLive's, can be found here.

This wiki is written by the fans, for the fans, with the goal of becoming the number one source of reliable, factually-correct Linkin Park information on the Internet. <metadesc>Linkinpedia is the internet's most comprehensive guide to Linkin Park.</metadesc> {{#description2:Linkinpedia is the internet's most comprehensive guide to Linkin Park.}}

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