Too Late

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"Too Late"
Album-Out Of Ashes.jpg
Song by Dead By Sunrise from the album Out Of Ashes
Recorded 2007-2009
Released October 13, 2009
Length 2:59
Live debut October 01, 2009
Last played February 28, 2010
Writer Chester Charles Bennington, Amir Davidson, Ryan Christopher Shuck, Anthony Valcic
Producer Howard Benson
Label Warner Bros. Records

Out Of Ashes track listing
  1. Fire
  2. Crawl Back In
  3. Too Late
  4. Inside Of Me
  5. Let Down
  6. Give Me Your Name
  7. My Suffering
  8. Condemned
  9. Into You
  10. End Of The World
  11. Walking In Circles
  12. In The Darkness
  13. Morning After (bonus track)


"Too Late" was originally written to deal with Chester's personal feeling about God, but it was changed lyrically to make it more about a relationship between two people rather than a relationship between him and his God.

This was done because, according to him, some people get uncomfortable with lyrics that deal with religion. He said, "I don't want to preach to anybody because I know that not everybody believes what I believe in. In "Too Late," there are times I feel like I want to be closer to God but wonder if I will ever be able to get there, because at times I've been so far down the other road. The reality is that I know in my heart that's completely ridiculous, because if I want that I can have it. Sometimes people lack the confidence to have that. That's what that song is about."[1]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Too Late Out Of Ashes 2:59 2007-2009 October 13, 2009
Too Late Out Of Ashes Instrumentals 3:05 2007-2009
  • Official instrumental version.


"Too Late" got its debut at the first full show for Dead By Sunrise, being played after "Walking In Circles". Once the band embarked on their 2010 Asian tour, "Too Late" was moved up in the set to after "Morning After", a position it maintained throughout the Asian and European tours.


Dead By Sunrise

  • Chester Bennington
  • Ryan Shuck
  • Amir Derakh
  • Elias Andra
  • Brandon Belsky
  • Anthony "Fu" Valcic


  • Howard Benson: producer
  • Tom Whalley: executive producer
  • Mike Plotnikoff: recorder
  • Chris Lord-Alge: mixer



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