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The Snax was a band from Agoura Hills, California formed in 1995.

Lasting all the way until 2002, The Snax released two studio albums - "Run Joseph Run" on June 1, 1998 and "Snax" on April 17, 2000.

Dave Farrell (Phoenix) from Linkin Park was a bass player in the band until October 22, 2000, when he left to rejoin Linkin Park. Jim Roach replaced Phoenix in The Snax. While Phoenix was a member of Xero, he left the band to honor his commitments with The Snax. Because of this, he did not record any bass on Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory EP or Hybrid Theory album.

Lead vocalist Mark Fiore from The Snax became Linkin Park's videographer in summer 2001 on the Hybrid Theory touring cycle; his first tour with the band was on Ozzfest. He continued performing with The Snax until 2002.