The Snax

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Origin Mission Viejo, California
Years active 1998 (1998)–2000
Labels Screaming Giant Records

The Snax were a Christian Ska Punk band from Mission Viejo, California formed in 1995 who toured in the late 1990's and featured current Linkin Park bassist, Dave "Phoenix" Farrell on bass. While Phoenix was a member of Xero, he left the band to honor his commitments with The Snax. Because of this, he did not record any bass on Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory EP or Hybrid Theory album. Lead vocalist Mark Fiore from The Snax became Linkin Park's videographer in summer 2001 on the Hybrid Theory touring cycle; his first tour with the band was on Ozzfest.[1] Lasting all the way until 2002, The Snax released two studio albums - Run Joseph Run on June 1, 1998 and Snax on April 17, 2000.


While attending high school, Dave joined the band (then known as Tasty Snax) and assumed the role of bass guitarist. Although Dave was trained in electric guitar, what the band sorely needed was a bass guitarist, so Phoenix opted to make the transition from the electric guitar, and has played bass ever since. The band later changed their name to Snax, from Tasty Snax, before the release of their second album under their self-titled band name.

Tasty Snax first entered Moonsong Studios in Riverside, CA late in 1998 to record their debut album Run Joseph Run with local producer Kendall Nadeau and mixer Bob Moon. The album was released via Screaming Giant Records to generally positive reviews early in 1999, prompting Phoenix to take a leave of absence from Xero to fulfill his duties of touring with Tasty Snax. They regularly played live shows and were one of many regular acts at the Cornerstone Festival, a Christian Music show. Their track "Run Joseph Run" which became a hit throughout California; the video for which had heavy rotation in Vans outlets across the state, as well as being requested by MTV. The band later changed their name to Snax (also referred to as "The Snax").

In early 2000, a follow-up album was planned and they entered Golden Track Studios in San Diego, CA to record their self-titled sophomore album Snax, this time with producer and mixer Matt Wignall. The album was released early via the Screaming Giant Records website and hit the stores on May 18th[2] but failed to pick up where Run Joseph Run had left off, and sold poorly.

The band went through a few line-up changes later in their career, with Eric Pffeifer being replaced by Ryan "Cheese" Marony after their first release. As Dave left to re-join Linkin Park in 2000, Jim Roach took over bass duties and later drums in studio sessions after Mark Keller left the group. Mark Fiore, Jim Roach, Phoenix and Cheese were extras in the "The Unusual Suspects" episode of Dawson's Creek season 4 in 2000, appearing during the pool scene before the opening credits. Daniel Patterson joined in as their drummer shortly after.

After The Snax disbanded, both Jim and Daniel formed a band called The Rosewood Fall which was signed to Linkin Park's Machine Shop Recordings in 2005.

During an LPU chat in 2014, Mark Fiore was asked if there would be a Tasty Snax reunion and he said that they actually sucked, but they had fun.[3]

Band Members

  • Dave Farrell - Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Mark Fiore - Guitars, Vocals
  • Mark Keller - Drums
  • Ryan "Cheese" Maroney - Guitars, Vocals
  • Daniel Patterson - Drums
  • Eric Pffeifer - Guitar
  • James Roach - Guitar, Drums, Bass