Tattooed Millionaire: Building The Club Tattoo Empire

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"Tattooed Millionaire: Building The Club Tattoo Empire"
Tattooed Millionaire Front.jpg
N° of Pages 300
Published May 15, 2017
Publisher Motivational Press, Incorporated
Author Sean Dowdell
Type Autobiography
Language English

Tattooed Millionaire: Building The Club Tattoo Empire is Sean Dowdell's autobiography telling the story about how he grew up in a lower middle class family in the 1970's and worked his way up through the music industry as part of Sean Dowdell And His Friends? and Grey Daze, eventually creating and building Club Tattoo, his own business in the tattoo and piercing industry, with the help of his wife/partner; Thora and partner Chester Bennington.[1]

Dowdell signed a publishing deal with Motivational Press for the book in January 2017, announcing it and making it available for pre-order on March 20. It was released worldwide in both physical, digital and audiobook versions on May 15.[2] It contains a foreword written by Chester Bennington.