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Linkinpedia is a communal archive for the Linkin Park (etc) community. We would love to have your submissions and your work on site. While run by LPLive, we do have members that contribute who are outside of our network and we deeply appreciate that. If you'd like to contribute something to the site, click here. If you are interested in becoming a temporary or permanent member of our team, please message us on social media - Twitter is probably the best.

Our core editing team consists of lpliveusername (Gabriel), Hahninator (Mark), RogueSoul (Dylan), Glass Castles (Nick), and PeppePark (Giuseppe).

Behind the Scenes by sotrix (Dmitry), Graphics by AndOne (Jonas).

We would like to acknowledge the hard work and long hours of our member 'Skipees', who supervised, oversaw, and executed a lot of the plan for Linkinpedia from its beginnings in 2015 all the way to summer 2017. 'Skipees' was a tremendous asset to our team and we miss him dearly.