Sorry For Now

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"Sorry For Now"
One More Light.jpg
Song by Linkin Park from the album One More Light
Working title Sorry For Now
Recorded 2016
Released May 19, 2017
Format 3:23
Writer Mike Shinoda
Producer Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Blackbear, Andrew Goldstein, Michael Keenan, Andrew Bolooki
Label Warner Bros. Records

One More Light track listing
  1. Nobody Can Save Me
  2. Good Goodbye
  3. Talking To Myself
  4. Battle Symphony
  5. Invisible
  6. Heavy
  7. Sorry For Now
  8. Halfway Right
  9. One More Light
  10. Sharp Edges

"Sorry For Now" is the seventh track on One More Light. It was co-produced with Blackbear and Andrew Goldstein.[1] The song is predominantly sung by Mike Shinoda with Chester Bennington doing rap vocals.[2] The song had its premiere on May 18, 2017 on Beats 1.[3]


On June 3, 2016, Los Angeles singer/songwriter Blackbear tweeted he was in the studio with Linkin Park.[4]

On August 5, Blackbear was back in the studio with Linkin Park and a new video (this time with sound) was posted showing Brad playing acoustic guitar.[5] American singer-songwriter and record producer Andrew Goldstein was also in the studio with them.[6] Mike wrote on his Instagram, "Making beautiful music with these gentlemen today."[7] Blackbear later posted a video recorded at Linkin Park's studio on his Snapchat account in which a clip of a new song could be heard.[8]

On September 21, someone from LPHQ posted a video on Instagram where a joint Linkin Park and Blackbear cap could be seen, indicating the two artists have been collaborating in more than just music. Printouts with Tohji Yamamoto's (Japanese designer) trademark were also visible.[9][10]

On October 13, Andrew Goldstein and Blackbear were back to the studio with Linkin Park[11] and a video of Brad recording guitars was posted on Mike's Snapchat story.[12] According to Brad, the song has a really unique presentation of the guitar in a way they've never done before.[13]

Mike Shinoda spoke about how the collaboration came together in interview to LPAssociation, "On Sorry For Now, I had a finished vocal and a rough track that the whole band liked, but we all thought the track could use some spice. We invited Blackbear and Andrew Goldstein in with me, Chester, and Brad, and we created this vocal sample drop together that took the song to a whole new level. It was really fun having people with different perspectives and talents in the room each time.​"[14]

As for the idea behind the lyrics, he said, "It's a funny song. Like, Sorry For Now is the other one on the album that I sing, and what's kind of new for us and for people who love the song is that you don't usually get a song that's a little bit lighter. It's a little lighter, like it's not supposed to be so serious. The idea of the song is like, ok, you know, the kids are upset because you're going away and you say you're sorry but in your head you're kinda like 'eh, I'm kinda not sorry.' Like 'I'm sorry because you're little and you don't get it.' I'm doing something that's a huge blessing to be able to do that no people get to do this for a living. Like, we're just so lucky. Number two, it pays the bills and you get to live in a house and you get to have clothes, food, because I go to work. And number three, I like doing it. And you're little and you don't understand all these things, so I'm gonna tell you I'm sorry but the truth is like, you'll understand this later. When you're older you'll go 'wow, I'm sure glad that my dad is in Linkin Park. Because I get to go to, like, the concerts and, like, I can get, you know, free tickets to other shows. And I've got opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise. And, you know, they make great music and I'm proud of my dad and whatever.' Like, that part of it the little ones don't understand and they will later."[15]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Sorry For Now One More Light 3:23 2016 May 19, 2017



Linkin Park

  • Chester Bennington - Vocals
  • Rob Bourdon - Drums
  • Brad Delson - Guitar
  • Joseph Hahn - Programming
  • Phoenix - Bass
  • Mike Shinoda - Keyboards, Programming, Vocals


  • Written by Mike Shinoda
  • Produced by Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson
  • Co-produced by Blackbear for Beartrap LLC and Andrew "Goldstein" Goldstein for Mod Squad Music Inc.
  • Additional production by Michael Keenan
  • Vocal production by Andrew Bolooki
  • Music performed by Linkin Park
  • Vocals by Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda
  • Chester's vocals recorded at The Pool Recording Studio, London, UK
  • Mike's vocals recorded at The Warehouse Studio, Vancouver, CA
  • Music recorded at Larrabee Studios, North Hollywood, CA and Sphere Studios, North Hollywood, CA
  • Engineered by Ethan Mates, Mike Shinoda and Josh Newell
  • Assistant engineer: Alejandro Baima
  • Studio B assistant engineer: Warren Willis
  • Studio drum tech: Jerry Johnson
  • Mixed by Serban Ghenea at Mixstar Studios, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Engineered for mix by John Hanes



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