She Shines

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"She Shines"
Album-Wake Me.jpg
Song by Grey Daze from the album Wake Me
Recorded 1994
Released 1994
Length 4:11
Live debut September 1994
Writer Chester Bennington
Producer David Knauer

Wake Me track listing
  1. What's In The Eye?
  2. Spin
  3. Morei Sky
  4. Wake Me
  5. Starting To Fly
  6. Sometimes
  7. Holding You
  8. Hole
  9. Believe Me
  10. Here, Nearby
  11. She Shines
  12. Shouting Out

"She Shines" is the eleventh track on the album Wake Me.


On October 6, 1994, the very first day of working on Wake Me, the album's producer David Knauer recorded Grey Daze playing live in his studio to see what they had in store for their debut album. He recorded their performance straight to DAT tape and had Chester say the name of every song so it was documented on tape as well.[1] "She Shines" was among the songs that made the album.

Chester Bennington wrote all the lyrics to the song. When questioned who the lyrics were about, Sean Dowdell said, "I think her name was katie but I am not sure if he meant it to be about her or not, he wrote all of the lyrics for that one."[2]

The decision to include it on the album was made after a show that took place at the Rally Kap Sports Bar in September 1994 as explained by Jonathan Krause: "The song "She Shines' almost didn't make the album. Here is a video from one of our shows, notice how Chester points out this a brand new song. After the response we were certain to put it on the album."[3]

Under a new lineup consisting of Chester Bennington, Bobby Benish, Mace Beyers and Sean Dowdell, the band had their first pre-production sessions for their second studio album in February 1996 with David Knauer. There, they recorded a new version of "She Shines". The album, however, was shelved due to lack of funds to finish the studio time.[4]

Amends Version (2020)

Grey Daze included "She Shines" on their 2020 album Amends, with re-recorded instrumentals and using older takes of Chester's vocals. The song features guests Jasen Rauch from Breaking Benjamin and Brian “Head” Welch of Korn. It was produced by Esjay Jones and Lucas D'Angelo.

In the Amends track-by-track with Apple Music, Sean said, "The guest guitar players on this are Head from Korn and Jasen Rauch from Breaking Benjamin. Chester wrote the lyrics about his girlfriend telling him that she was leaving him to be with somebody else. I remember we all went on a camping trip up in Flagstaff, Arizona, and she told him in the middle of the trip that she was going to have a new boyfriend and it wasn't going to be him. He just wrote word for word pretty much what happened in that conversation. So it's got a lot of emotional torment, but that's one of the gifts Chester had, if you can call it a gift: the ability to take that raw nerve emotion and pain and express it in a song.[5]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
She Shines Wake Me 4:11 1994 1994
She Shines "Wake Me" Pre-Production Live Session 3:46 October 06, 1994
  • Recorded live at David Knauer's studio.
  • Unlisted on the tape.
  • Released on LPLive for free download on October 31, 2015.
She Shines Album Pre-Production Live Session February 18, 1996
  • Unreleased.
  • Recorded live at David Knauer's studio.
She Shines Amends 3:35 2017-2020 June 26, 2020
  • Featuring Jasen Rauch of Breaking Benjamin and Brian "Head" Welch of Korn.
  • Produced by Esjay Jones and Lucas D'Angelo.


"She Shines" debuted in September 1994 at the Rally Kap Sports Bar in Phoenix, Arizona.[3] Jonathan Krause said that, during his time with the band, "She Shines" was a crowd favorite.[4]


Grey Daze

  • Jason Barnes - Guitar
  • Chester Bennington - Vocals
  • Sean Dowdell - Drums
  • Jonathan Krause - Bass


  • Recorded and Mixed by: David Knauer
  • Produced by: David Knauer and Grey Daze
  • Mixed at Anthem Recording
  • Assisted by: Billy Spoon and Dan Manriquez
  • Mastered at - SAE by Roger Siedel



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