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Single by Fort Minor
from the album The Rising Tied
Recorded 2005
Released October 4, 2005
Format Digital, CD, Vinyl
Length 3:40
Samples Mel & Tim - Good Guys Only Win In The Movies
Live debut August 18, 2005
Last played September 8, 2015
Writer(s) Mike Shinoda
Producer(s) Mike Shinoda
Label Machine Shop Recordings, Warner Bros. Records
Fort Minor singles chronology

Petrified / Remember The Name (2005) Believe Me (2005)

The Rising Tied track listing
  1. Introduction
  2. Remember The Name (Feat. Styles Of Beyond)
  3. Right Now (Feat. Black Thought and Styles Of Beyond)
  4. Petrified
  5. Feel Like Home (Feat. Styles Of Beyond)
  6. Where'd You Go (Feat. Holly Brook and Jonah Matranga)
  7. In Stereo
  8. Back Home (Feat. Common and Styles Of Beyond)
  9. Cigarettes
  10. Believe Me (Feat. Styles Of Beyond and Eric Bobo)
  11. Get Me Gone
  12. High Road (Feat. John Legend)
  13. Kenji
  14. Red To Black (Feat. Jonah Matranga, Kenna and Styles Of Beyond)
  15. The Battle (Feat. Celph Titled)
  16. Slip Out The Back (Feat. Mr. Hahn)


In late 2006, Clear Channel Music posted the entire The Rising Tied album complete with commentaries from Mike Shinoda before each song.[1] On "Petrified", he said, "‘Petrified’ was one of the last songs that got finished for the album. I think that I just wanted something that was kinda ridiculous, and like almost didn’t have a point. Uhm, that was really exciting and had a lot of energy to it. I really… I thought that the rest of the album, you know, had some really serious moments, and I wanted to do something that was the opposite, something that was just kinda crazy, hehe."

About the meaning of the song, Mike said, "that only word I can use to describe this song is "irresponsible." It's just a trash-talking battle track."[2]

"Petrified" was released as the first U.S. single from The Rising Tied.[3]

When Fort Minor began performing live in August 2005, "Petrified" was the song that received the biggest reviews from fans attending the show, saying that the final song Fort Minor was playing was a massive track.


Two official remixes of "Petrified" have been released, both created by Mike Shinoda.

The first "Petrified" remix was released in the We Major mixtape and contains instrumental and vocal samples from "Strange Days" by The Doors. Because of this, it is titled "Petrified (Doors Remix)". In 2007, The Doors put togehter a promo CD that was never commercially released of remixes, and included this "Petrified" remix in its full form for the first time without any transitions or overdubs. On that release, it is called "Petrified (Fort Minor Remix)" but on the back cover is attributed to "Fort Minor (Linkin Park)".

The second remix is called "Petrified (Los Angeles Remix)" and was originally released in the Believe Me single on November 14, 2005 internationally. It was later included in the tour edition of The Rising Tied in early 2006.


Digital EP/Vinyl Single

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Petrified (Non-PA Album Version) Mike Shinoda 3:41
2 Petrified Shinoda 3:40
3 Petrified (Instrumental) Shinoda 3:41
4 Remember The Name (Amended Version) Takbir Bashir, Ryan Patrick Maginn, Shinoda 3:46
5 Remember The Name Bashir, Ryan Patrick Maginn, Shinoda 3:47
6 Remember The Name (Instrumental) Bashir, Maginn, Shinoda 3:46

DVD Single

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Petrified (Video) Shinoda 3:44

Music Video

Mike announced the music video for "Petrified" on October 5, 2005 on the Fort Minor forums, saying, "greetings and salutations. once again, sorry i can't stick around. we're under deadline after deadline to get material to you guys... i did, however want to throw out there that (as some of you know) the video for PETRIFIED is finished, and you'll be seeing it soon. thanks to all of you who have been calling into radio stations and requesting the music, and who plan to support the song(s) by voting with the video stations. keep up the great work, the word is spreading. PS-for those in the U.S., FM will be up for voting on fuse's "oven fresh" soon."[4]

The music video for "Petrified" was directed by Robert Hales and originally released on around the first week of October 2005. It was debuted in the U.S. on October 10, 2005 through MTV2, MTVU, and Fuse's Oven Fresh,[5] and was also included as enhanced content on The Rising Tied. The concept for the video was created by Hales and Mike Shinoda.[6] The director was chosen for the project after Mike watched his music video for Jet's "Look What You've Done". Joseph Hahn helped oversee the "Petrified" video.

Describing it, Mike said, "Irresponsible! We shot in an abandoned train and were shooting from 6 at night to 7 in the morning, the SOB guys are drinking the entire time. It's not just that, though, we've got flare guns [going off] inside and outside the train, just totally irresponsible."[7] He posted on MySpace, "it was a really fun video to do--definitely a different look and feel for me. the song has such a heavy, irresponsible, random style that the video had to follow in suit. we filmed all night; from about 6pm to 7am. we had to stop because the sun was coming up."[8]

"Petrified" and its making of were included in the Fort Minor Militia DVD.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Petrified The Rising Tied

Petrified / Remember The Name

3:40 2005 November 22, 2005
  • Samples Mel & Tim's "Good Guys Only Win In The Movies".
Petrified Sampler Mixtape 3:30 2005 October 2005
Petrified (Album Version) We Major 2:46 2005 October 30, 2005
  • Shortened.
Petrified (Radio Edit) The Rising Tied (Non-PA Version)

Petrified / Remember The Name

3:43 2005 November 22, 2005
  • Different vocal take.
  • Different lyrics.
Petrified (Instrumental) Petrified / Remember The Name

Instrumental Album: The Rising Tied

3:43 2005 October 4, 2005
  • Official instrumental version.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Petrified (Doors Remix) DJ Green Lantern Presents Fort Minor: We Major 3:28 2005 October 30, 2005
  • Remix by Mike Shinoda.
  • The music begins at the end of "Spraypaint & Inkpens"
  • Samples The Doors' "Strange Days" and Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones (Part II)".
Petrified (Fort Minor Remix) Remixed And Ready 3:43 2005 2007
  • Full version of "Petrified (Doors Remix)".
  • Lacks the transitions and overdubs.
  • Credited to "Fort Minor (Linkin Park) / The Doors".
Petrified (Los Angeles Remix) Believe Me

The Rising Tied (Tour Edition)

3:32 2005 November 15, 2005
  • Remix by Mike Shinoda.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Petrified (Live) Sessions@AOL 3:33 November 02, 2005 July 18, 2006


"Petrified" debuted at the first Fort Minor show ever, and was used to close the show, a position it maintained until the first show of the Asian tour in 2006, where it was replaced by "Believe Me", and instead closed the main set. Starting with the MySpace 2nd Anniversary show, "Petrified" was given a new string intro. At the show in Hamburg, the song was started and stopped by Mike, saying that the crowd needed to be louder since it was their last song. He then restarted the song. It was moved back to the closing position starting with the Club Tattoo 11th Anniversary show, where it stayed until Fort Minor went on hiatus. After Mike revived the project, "Petrified" was used to open the show alongside "Introduction" with a new extended intro.

During the Minutes To Midnight touring cycle, Mike would frequently rap "Petrified" over the extended intro to "Points Of Authority", rapping the first verse over the first extended intro starting with the Phoenix 2007 show, the second verse over the first extended intro starting with the Charlotte 2007 show, the first verse over the second extended intro starting with the Istanbul 2009 show, and the second verse over the second extended intro starting with the St. Petersburg 2009 show.

In April 2015, Mike took part in a jam session with Troy Resq, Austin Carlile, Johnny Christ, Synyster Gates and M. Shadows at Coachella Festival's ResqHouse, during which he rapped verses of "Petrified".

During the One More Light European Tour, Mike would rap the first verse of "Petrified" over the new outro to "Castle Of Glass."

Mike began performing "Petrified" (and "Introduction") during his Post Traumatic Tour, adding them both in to open the encore starting with the second stop of the Asian Tour in Bangkok, Thailand. The song was essentially the studio version, but slightly restructured. Mike began rapping as soon as the beat began, and instead of performing the bridge, began the outro and carried it through to the end. Initially, Mike was the only person onstage when performing the song, but beginning at the second Summer Sonic performance in Tokyo, Dan Mayo began playing drums during the bridge. The song was almost exclusively played to open either the show or the encore with "Introduction" preceding it, with the only exception being in Charlotte, where it was played late in the main set.


Fort Minor

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Type Description First Played Last Played
Intro String Intro October 29, 2005 August 13, 2006
Intro 2015 Intro June 29, 2015 September 8, 2015

Mike Shinoda

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Type Description First Played Last Played
Intro 'Introduction' Intro Tease October 17, 2018 October 17, 2018
Alternative Post Traumatic Tour Version August 9, 2018 September 8, 2019





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